How To Keep A Check On Your Expenses When Living Away From Family In A PG

At a certain point in time or the other in our lives, we have to move out of the safe space of our sweet homes. It might be because of incalculable reasons, for example, higher studies, rewarding job opportunities, business opportunities, and so many other aspirations that we want to fulfill in our lives. Living away from home can be an absolutely unique experience for newbies, as you need to move out and deal with everything on your own. In the beginning, it might appear to be easy, but when you live alone, you realize that it isn’t as simple as it seems. For one, you have to figure out an apt place to stay.

If you are a student/employee planning to live in a metropolitan city like Delhi or Noida, you can find a host of options that can fit the tag of best PG in Delhi. They usually have well-equipped homes with required amenities to fulfill your needs, and may not be the cheapest option, but offer good value for money. Since a major portion of our income is spent on our requirements and living away from family can make it difficult for us to manage all of them, here are a few ways through which we can save and spend mindfully.

  • Find yourself a well-equipped house!

Try to move into a house which is well equipped with amenities so, that you don’t really need to spend on the necessities of day to day life like, fast wifi, laundry, security services, maids, etc. Having them all included in your rent and PG is a necessity now, or else you’ll have to spend extra and end up adding significantly to your monthly expenses. PGs like stanza living are well equipped with such basic necessities and also do not charge additionally for the same.

  • Travel

You might have to travel a lot every day but, there are many options to commute, right? It is completely up to you whether to commute by yourself or check out some good shared transportation options. One can save a lot by not spending much on individual transportation and rather opt for carpool or public transport to commute to places.  This will indeed add up to your savings and eventually would take you the place you want to go ultimately by spending the lesser amount.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment is something that keeps us going, but we can save a lot on this part. For example, while weekends are meant for recreational purposes and we can surely go out for a movie spree, instead of spending on movie tickets which would be costlier than a DVD of course, one can rent a DVD and watch it or can invest in online streaming which might work out cheaper, in the long run. You can also watch this in the comfort of your PG in Noida which will surely give you a better experience than going out and spending first on travel and then on the tickets! Keeping a tab on entertainment expenses is important so, spending mindfully when going out for shopping or eating out is important.

  • Learn to Bargain and catch a deal

Bargaining is surely an art and living on your own can teach you that art! You can easily get a good bargain at a store or a street market (please don’t opt for this in case of food) try and buy stuff from the streets because it will give you an opportunity to negotiate and get the stuff you want at the best price possible. Try and employ communication tactics or even watch out for some great deals online!

These are some of the things that one can keep in mind in order to add to one’s savings and spend less recklessly while staying away from home. These will also keep you safe on a rainy day. So, save smartly, and live smartly!


Ajay Deep

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