How to Make Electric Golf Cart Faster

All golfers who rent or own a golf cart know that it is not a race car. But that doesn’t mean you have to agree to slow speed.

However, most golfers enjoy spending hours on the course, sunbathing.

So they don’t seem to have a problem with the slowness of the golf cart. But then there are the golfers who want to know how to make your golf cart go faster.

In this guide, you will learn how to make electric golf carts faster. And the best part about increasing cart speed is that not only is it possible, but the process to achieve it involves only a few simple updates. Time to get into that next!

Why Does a Golf Cart Go Slow?

These are the most common factors that have an impact on the performance levels of a golf cart.

Also, these issues can be fixed quite easily, but we’ll talk about that later. First, let’s talk about potential problems.

Low Voltage Battery

Doesn’t a low battery seem like the most common reason your stroller slows down? It is logical to assume that perhaps the golf cart is going so slow because its battery power is so low. But what if your cart is fully loaded? So the culprit may be your low voltage output.

Amperage Controller Malfunction

Like the speed sensor, even a golf cart ampacity controller can cause speed surges, on/off speed issues, and speed deterioration. After all, this function is responsible for regulating the amperage a car generates and uses.

And what are the possible causes of ampacity controller malfunction? Defective cables due to improper installation and maintenance of the controller or failure of the part entirely.

Bearing Coder Malfunctioning

What the bearing encoder does is carefully distribute the electrical charge through a golf cart. And it does so by translating the different elements responsible for the operation of the car into various impulses that contribute to its proper functioning.

But it goes without saying that, like any other component on a golf cart, even the bearing encoder is subject to wear and tear over time.

Switch Malfunctioning

Every golf cart has a forward and reverses switch, correct? And when that switch isn’t working properly, the car is more likely to slow down simply because it doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Most of the time, switch problems are the result of wire faults, leading to malfunctions and even sparks. Nor should the possibility of frayed cables be ruled out.

How to Make Electric Golf Cart Faster

You can improve the speed of your cart in several ways. And these methods also increase torque and overall power.

Use High-Powered Battery for Golf Cart

The very idea of increasing the voltage of the car battery seems reasonable. And the best part about this approach is that it is simple and fast.

But only when the replacement battery is from this list of the top golf cart battery recommendations for continued, long-lasting performance.

But how do you find out the current battery voltage?

  • The voltage is usually printed on the battery.
  • This information can also be found on the motor of your cart.
  • The battery voltage recommendation is also part of the product manual.

It is so obvious that not all cars accept batteries of the same voltage. The range varies from one golf cart to another.

But what is 100% certain is that a new battery increases the horsepower of a cart’s motor, which increases speed. And when you install new high-voltage batteries, they are sure to significantly increase the speed at which you travel in the field.

Upgrade Golf Cart Parts Responsible for the Torque

The pulling capacity of the motor is torque. Torque is nothing more than a function of current. So a higher current produces more torque. And higher torque produces more speed.

Now, here are different ways to increase your golf cart’s torque levels …

  • Update the motor voltage. Keep your motor as is, just supply a higher voltage to increase cart speed.
  • Or you can install a high RPM motor in your cart and leave the voltage alone.

Upgrade Golf Cart Engine

A larger coil also has a more secure armature holding capacity. All of this undoubtedly generates higher torque.

How about series wound DC speed motors? These, by contrast, have a comparatively smaller field coil. Therefore, a lower magnetic field plus a higher RPM armature spin are unavoidable to produce a higher speed.

Obviously, torque motors deliver more power while sacrificing speed. And speed motors give you more speed but compromise on torque.

Install Larger Tires on the Golf Cart

What is the easiest and most cost-effective method to increase cart speed? Just improve the size of the tires! And this solution works in favor of both gas and electric golf carts. A larger diameter is sure to increase the speed at which your small motorized vehicle moves.

But how big should the tires be? The standard golf cart tires size is 8 inches, but you can upgrade to 20-24 inches. This increases speed from 2 to 4 mph without having to replace other more expensive features like speed controller, motor, etc. Therefore, the solution is inexpensive and requires less time.

And by the way, keeping new and bigger tires inflated at all times is also important when it comes to maintaining that top speed.

Replace Golf Cart Solenoid and Speed Controller

These are the two most important components of electric golf carts. And both are installed between the battery bank and the motor. When left to their own devices, they can end up clogging not only speed but other performance factors as well.

Let’s say your car’s motor is capable of drawing 400 amps, but the solenoid and controller are rated for only 275 amps, so it’s only natural that the motor will never reach its best potential.

Keep the Golf Cart Clean and Light

Keeping your expensive golf cart in good condition increases not only its speed but its overall performance as well. And by clean, we mean being free of accumulated mud, rocks, and dirt.

Accumulation of such unwanted particles is often found on the underside or in the undercarriage region of the carriage. And they certainly slow down.

Even what’s in your cart can slow you down. Keep unnecessary stuff and clutter, that is, too much weight of the golf cart to make sure it meets the maximum. speed potential. And this also includes a well-organized, lightweight golf travel bag.

Final Thought

There’s one more thing that many golf cart enthusiasts don’t know. Try turning it off first and check if the speed increases, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

It should be carefully considered before making any improvements to the golf cart. Determine the operating conditions and then choose the upgrades that will give the car the best performance characteristics.

But if it doesn’t, find out what the problem seems to be. Once the problem has been detected, you can move on to deciding the best approach to recovery.

Especially the different parts of an electric golf cart that need to be constantly reviewed and updated. But once you get into the habit of proper maintenance, these concerns shouldn’t be a bother.


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