How to Make the Most of Employee Monitoring

It is a well-known fact that the term “monitoring” provokes strikingly opposite reactions with employers and employees. Employers see this as a necessity to ensure high-level productivity and team performance, especially now when the number of remote workers is soaring. On the other hand, employees despise monitoring, fearing the excessive control and invasion of privacy it may bring.

We have to stress that employee monitoring software may be a powerful ally that will boost productivity and safeguard your data only if you use it the right way. So before you start implementing workforce analytics software, question your motifs for this action.

This said, you should monitor employees to boost their productivity, especially if they’re working from home. Furthermore, employee monitoring and time tracking software will introduce transparency into the workflow and reduce loads of paperwork.

However, do not use employee monitoring software if you want to control your employees’ every move even after the work hours end, looking constantly over their shoulders, invading their privacy. This unethical behavior may lead to devastating consequences for your employee’s mental health and your business. Your employees will feel constantly frustrated and pressured to reach set goals, and many of them will leave, refusing to be monitored in that way.

The bottom line is that you need to apply ethical and effective practices to make the best of the productivity tracker, like Workpuls. Here is what you can do to boost your productivity while making your employees at ease.

Be Transparent About Monitoring 

Informing your employees about your intentions and devising a  clear employee monitoring policy should be your top priorities. This way, you’ll be able to explain the way you intend to use an employee monitoring system, naming the exact work aspects that will be tracked. Also, make sure to focus on all the benefits your workers may get from the productivity tracker. 

Expect your employees to have numerous questions about monitoring. Try to hear them out and answer any questions openly and honestly. This is the only way to convince workers that monitoring software won’t work against them or harm their privacy.

Make Sure to Comply with Legal Requirements

Before implementing the workforce analytics software, make sure you know what legal requirements for employee monitoring in your country are. Once you inform employees about the types of monitoring you plan to use, you may carry on with the process. It’s essential to keep your employee monitoring policy updated to align with possible legislative changes.

Remember, Monitoring Isn’t Surveillance

To get the best results from monitoring, make sure you install productivity tracking software only on the company’s computers. This way, your employees will be assured that their personal information is safe. However, if your remote employees have to use their personal computers for work, ensure that they’ll be monitored only during work hours. Some employee monitoring software tools, like Workpulse, go further in securing employees’ privacy with the “blurred screen” option that protects vulnerable information. 

Also, when you monitor Internet activity of your employees, do this to see how it affects their productivity. Once you get a report on website and app usage, you’ll see if they’ve used the Internet productively or not. While wasting time on unproductive sites may interfere with employees’ productivity, you can’t eliminate them. Use the data collected to point out the negative effects that time spent on social media may have on their performance, suggesting ways to limit that time in future.

Choose Employee Monitoring Software Wisely

Think of the goals you want to achieve when you are choosing the productivity tracker. It is essential that it is easy to use and install, and also that it won’t interfere with your employees’ workflow. Furthermore, you would want software that automatically tracks employees’ activities to avoid the risk of human error or shady activities.


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