How to Make Your Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Casinos?

Deposits and withdrawals are one of the most sensitive topics for customers of non GamStop casinos. It is self-evident, when money is at stake, minds flare up! Although the player interface shows multiple buttons and options, it is much more than that. When a player makes a deposit, the approval of the card issuer, bank, and casino is also required. When withdrawing, the same procedures take place. So, both deposits and withdrawals take a long time, but this does not mean that the casino is not reliable at all! In this post we will share with you all the information you need to know about payments and withdrawals at casinos not on Gamstop.

Variants of Payouts at Non GamStop Casinos

In many cases, winnings are not paid out at all because certain conditions have been violated. Especially the conditions for bonuses should be read carefully by every player. In some non GamStop casinos, bonuses may only be wagered on certain games or only certain percentages of a deposited balance may be used in a certain way.

Often you will only receive money if your identity is confirmed by a passport copy, for example. On the one hand, this takes into account the money laundering laws, on the other hand, it is checked that you are actually of legal age.

If payouts are delayed for a very long time and new perhaps strange documents are always required, this speaks for a rather dubious non GamStop casino. The simple confirmation of your identity. On the other hand, it is normal and also prescribed. Sometimes you can only make deposits when your identity is verified.

Often there are also different deposit and withdrawal limits for different means of payment – as well as different crediting periods from immediately for e-wallets to several days for bank transfers.

There are also exceptions. For example, (certain) progressive jackpots are often exempt from payout limits. Furthermore, many non GamStop casinos have conditions for “special” players, i.e. “V.I.P.s”, “frequent players”, “regular customers” or the like, who get significantly better out and deposit conditions in return for a special membership fee.

There may also be withdrawal limits, from which amount withdrawals can only be requested. Since it is your money that is in the player’s account, there should either be no such lower limit in reputable casinos not on GamStop or it should be in the same range as the minimum deposit amount.

Where can I find the Terms of Payment at Casinos Not on GamStop?

Reputable casinos not on GamStop attach great importance to transparency. At any EU casino, you will usually find the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) quite easily.

Of course, almost everyone clicks away quickly when they log in somewhere – only a few read through everything they sign. However, it is worthwhile to take a look there at the latest when there are ambiguities.

In terms and conditions of licensed casinos not on GamStop you will find all regulations for deposits, withdrawals, wager conversions and bonuses clearly structured. The terms and options for payment should also be listed there. Ideally, there are also maximum and minimum limits for different payment methods, the possible fees and the average time to credit.

You’ll also find rules for identification and verification – and hints on player protection if you want to set limits for yourself.

If all else fails, the contact details for support should be found in the terms and conditions and in the imprint of the site.

If the terms and conditions seem very cryptic to you, you find that you should deposit a lot, but hardly get paid anything or the terms and conditions are even missing or only printed in Afrikaans (to give an example) – look for another casino. Even if there is an unfavourable difference for you between what must be deposited at least and the amount from which it is paid out in the first place, caution is advised. For example, if you have to deposit at least 10 euros at one of the casinos not on GamStop, but are only paid out from 100 euros.

What If the Casino Goes Bankrupt?

If the non GamStop casino you play in becomes insolvent, it depends on where the casino is located. The large European casinos also offer relative security under the German consumer protection laws. 

The case of the “in principle legal” EU-licensed casinos offers you in any case the application of EU consumer law. However, this can of course also mean that you would have to conduct longer proceedings – with jurisdiction in Malta, for example.

In some cases, the manufacturers of the games step in and pay players their winnings. With large progressive jackpots, this is usually the case anyway, as they are not managed in a single non GamStop casino.

Whether you get money back in the event of insolvency depends on many factors. Of course, the risk is greater with small, less well-known online casinos than with the large providers.

What If I Hit the Jackpot at a Non GamStop Casino?

That depends on the jackpot, you could say. If it is a “normal” jackpot in a game of the casino, which also applies only to this casino, then you will get the jackpot credited to your account and can have it paid out under the normal conditions – usually with a maximum amount per week or month.

In any case, this is often the case with progressive jackpots, which apply to all players worldwide in a game. The non GamStop casino then usually forwards this to you in one – without any payout limits.

However, all rules for money laundering prevention and identification verification also apply. Ideally, all rules can also be found in the terms and conditions.


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