How To Monitor The Air Quality in Your Home?

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats that can harm human health and may give rise to various health conditions. It, thereby, becomes necessary to pay attention to the quality of the air you’re breathing. When we breathe poor quality and deteriorated air, it will enter our lungs and give rise to various health conditions. It may lead to conditions such as itchy eyes, cough, and critical respiratory ailments. One should even be aware that it is not just the outdoor air quality that can expose us to pollutants. The indoor air quality can also impact and may lead to critical conditions.

While it is understood that we can’t adjust or control the outdoor air quality. But, we can always take steps to enhance and improve indoor air quality. We can identify the quality of indoor air and make the necessary changes in our homes. Here, we have enlisted some critical ways that will help you monitor and track the air quality in your home.

Get an indoor air quality monitor

The market is flooded with air quality sensors and air quality monitors. If you’re experiencing any issues or diagnosed with any respiratory health issues, then you may consider getting an indoor air quality monitor for your home. It is one of the easiest ways to get fresh air in your home and track all the changes. You should ideally look for air sensors that provide the details related to the following metrics:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • AQI (Air Quality Index)
  • Levels of particulate matter (Dust mites and allergens present in the air)

There are some air quality monitors that even provide additional information such as levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide present in the air. You should note these factors to determine the quality of air in your home.

Monitor carbon monoxide and radon levels

Carbon monoxide and Radon are two dangerous substances that can deteriorate the quality of indoor air. Therefore, it becomes necessary to check the levels of carbon monoxide and radon in your home. Both the gases can be the silent killer. Exposure to these can deteriorate your health and may lead to critical health conditions. You should consider getting devices that may help you track carbon monoxide and radon levels. When it exceeds the optimum level, you must get it checked by professionals. You should seek gas emergency professionals and consultants to resolve this.

Get an air purifier

Air purifiers can help clean the air and prevent the risk of critical health conditions. They will even remove the particulate matter from the air and may allow you to breathe clean air. If you have detected problems in the air quality, then you must definitely consider investing in an air purifier.

There are multiple air purifiers available on the market that even come with additional HEPA filters. You should check all the features and filters that have been installed in the air purifier. Based on that, you should choose the one that fits your needs and budget. Buy an effective air purifier and make a difference in the quality of your indoor air.

Conduct a radon test

One should note that radon can enter the home through the cracks in floors, pipes, and walls. Therefore, it becomes necessary to conduct a radon test. You can even consider getting a radon kit at home to check it yourself and detect the levels of radon present in the air. All you will have to do is place the object in the suspected area.

You may also have to wait for a certain number of days. It is even advised to close the doors and windows and stop using the suspected area. You can certainly mail the test to the manufacturer for detailed analysis over it. If it is present in extreme quantities, then you may have to consider contacting a professional to rectify it.

Consult a professional

The minor issues can be resolved by installing detectors and purifiers. However, there may be certain issues that may be critical and will require assistance from professionals. For instance, the presence of mould spaces is one of the issues which may require assistance from professionals. Besides this, the increase of radon levels in the air can be dangerous, and you may have to consult a professional. If you’re facing any health issue, then you should never take any risk. You should immediately call the professionals and experts for help.

Evaluate the health symptoms

If you’re suffering from any critical health symptoms, then you must take proper note of them. It is always better to take precautions and follow the necessary guidelines than to regret them later. The symptoms and allergies because of the pollutants can be dangerous. You should take that as a sign and look for a solution. For instance, if the quality of air is not up to the mark, you may consider getting an air purifier.

Watery eyes, scratchy throat, and cough are some of the common symptoms that most people experience. If you sustain any of these symptoms, you must consider getting the indoor air quality checked. Besides, you must follow these methods to monitor the air quality in your home.


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