How To Pick A Perfectly Ergonomic Office Chair

If you were asked to evaluate the number of hours you spend working on your chair, you would be amazed to know how long you sit on the office chair. An average person works for 40 hours every week. That said, you are spending 1900 hours on that office chair in a year.

According to the ergonomic studies, a firm’s productivity tends to be higher when employees get a perfect and peaceful environment to focus on work. In fact, the person sitting on a supportive office chair is highly likely to complete his activities efficiently. On the other hand, a poor and uncomfortable office chair can lead to back pain, leg pain, posture problems, and other such conditions that not only impact employee’s health but affect a firm’s productivity. 

So, why not invest in high-quality office chairs and allow your employees to perform their best? If the office chair is costing you a lot, you can opt for a rent office chair in Bangalore. Here are some tips to pick a perfect chair for the office. 

Things to look for in an office chair

Office chairs are not only part of your workspace’s décor item, but they play a key role in determining the firm’s productivity. Before you pick any chair, make sure that it is comfortable. Your employees must be able to sit on these chairs and perform their regular tasks without a hassle. Let’s see the factors you should look for in an office chair.

Lumbar support

Nowadays, one of the most common problems the office employees report is the back strain. Why do you think they develop back strain? Of course, it is not because of ageing but the poor sitting position that they have to embrace because of that uncomfortable chair. The right office chair is the one that offers proper back support. In fact, some chairs have the adjustable lumbar support system designed. This allows users to adjust the chair according to their comfort. 

Chairs like this not only avoid back strain but help your employees maintain a good posture and prevent sciatica, a serious medical condition caused by persistent back pain. 


If you have ever seen a reputable office, you know how employees are offered adjustable chairs that feature arm and height adjustment. But the question is “is that enough”? Is that all your employees need? As much as arm and height adjustment features are important, there are at least 7 other adjustments you must consider before picking this furniture. In fact, some office chairs offer as much as 14 adjustments. The following are the important adjustment features an office chair must have:

  • Lumbar adjustment
  • Seat and back angle
  • Width, height, and arm adjustment
  • Tension control


Usually, all types of office chairs feature a wheelbase. However, if you have carpets installed in the workspace; you must get office chairs with a wheelbase that supports the carpeted floor. Wheelbase helps employees to reach the other corner of the room without having to move from the desk. 

The office chairs with wheel support can be quite costly, especially for business owners who have to purchase a large number of chairs for their staff. If you are searching for the most reliable and affordable wheelbase office chairs, then what’s better than rental furniture? The rental furniture companies provide the ordered furniture for a certain duration at a specific monthly fee. Instead of paying a large amount, you can fix monthly rent for wheelbase chairs. 


As employees will be sitting on the chair for hours, you must look for the comfortable fabric. The fabric should not only be soft but sturdy. There are many fabrics available for office chairs. However, leather is the most comfortable option. 

Are you searching for the lounge chair for rent in Bangalore? If you want your employees to perform their best, you must cater to their sitting and working requirements. Provide them with the most comfortable office chairs and protect them from back pain, leg pain, and other medical problems.


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