How To Play Online Poker Without Making A Deposit

Making money by playing online poker is a very viable strategy for people who are good at the game.
The problem is that if you are hoping to improve your game, you have to play a lot of matches that have real stakes.

Playing games that do not involve money is not always the best practice, as the strategies of other players are not as intense or thought out.
But how can you find online poker games where you do not have to make a deposit?

Below is a guide that explains how you can find online poker games for free that do not involve real stakes and money.

Sign Up At Reputable Sites

When you find a legit poker site, you may have the chance to leverage a welcome offer. Online casinos use these offers as a way to attract new customers. Sometimes the offers ask you to put down a deposit, but there are instances where you can get a modest sum as a free welcome bonus.

You may have to shop around to take advantage of such an offer. Online casinos and poker websites run promotions throughout the year, which means that any one of them could have a free welcome bonus on offer when you are thinking of signing up for a new account.

Ensure you are only creating new accounts with reputable sites, as you do not want to put in your information on a site that appears unprofessional or fake. Read reviews for any online casinos and online poker sites where you are thinking about creating an account.

Play With Your Opening Bonus

Now that you have a welcome bonus, you can focus on playing poker to boost the money in your account.

Some sites may advertise adding $20 to $40 as a welcome offer when you create a new account. That may not seem like a lot of money, but you can use it to play many poker games.

The smart approach is to play games that have the lowest blinds. If the small and big blind are less than a dollar, you should try those games. Even if you lose a few hands, your $20 or $40 welcome offer should last a long time.

Build Up Your Winnings Slowly

The biggest challenge in continually playing online poker for free without making a deposit is building up your balance at various online casinos. Most of these sites do not offer more than $20 to $50 in “no strings attached” bonuses.

The best way to build up your winnings on these sites is to slowly progress your game through different levels. Start with the lowest tier games, where the small and big blinds may not be bigger than 25 cents and 50 cents. Then work your way up slightly higher.

Playing in such a way allows you to hone your skills and slowly build your winnings. Even if you are only making $4 or $5 per game, you are still adding to that balance on your poker or online casino site account.

Eventually, those winnings will rise to a steady sum, even if you happen to lose money in a few poker matches. That is how you can keep playing online poker without making a deposit into your account.

When you get to a sizable account balance at any online casino, you can withdraw your earnings using PayPal or other payment platforms. Or you could reinvest that money into other poker games.


Try Higher End Games

When you have spent several weeks playing lower-end games and building up your savings, you may be ready to try something a little more adventurous.

Perhaps the welcome offer you got from the online casino is now $100 or more. You won all that money playing lower-end games, but now you are ready to try the big leagues.

If you are feeling nervous about making such a step-up, you should think about all the money you have won recently. Elevate your experience to poker games with small and big blinds that are greater than a dollar.

Do not worry about the anxiety that comes with playing games with more money on the line. You can always practice techniques to remain calm, even in high-pressure situations.

By controlling your emotions during games, you can improve the way you perform under pressure. When you have mastered such skills, you may feel better prepared to take on more challenging and high-end games.

Establish Key Poker Strategies

Anytime you play online poker, you should have some basic strategies in your mind for various stages of the game.

Players should always have, for example, a plan for when to fold. If you are not the small or big blind, how long do you stay in a game with a poor hand of cards? Decide on a number that is comfortable to you and stick with that number anytime you play.

Similar rules should be set up for instances where you have good cards, but are being pushed to bet more by someone else.

Even though you can never predict how a game of poker will unfold, coming up with plans to handle different situations within the game will help your odds of winning.

Keep Having Fun Playing Online Poker

Very few casino games have the same thrill and adventure as poker, even when you play online. The idea that you can win so much money based on your skill is very appealing to players, even those who are still beginners at the game.

If you are hoping to improve your online poker skills and compete in higher-end games, you can leverage free sign-up bonuses at reputable websites to play for real money without making any deposit.


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