How to Prepare for the Exams: The Best Tips

Yes, preparing for tests can be difficult, and sometimes it’s not even clear where to start. Nevertheless, there are ways to improve memory, concentration, and even mood for this period. We have collected the results of the research of neurobiologists, psychologists, and nutritionists, as well as the wise advice of teachers and students – and compiled a list of tips based on them. We hope that this list of our recommendations will help you improve the preparation process:

  1. Provide yourself with breakfast and some brain food

For the body to function properly, the energy is needed, and the brain’s ability to concentrate depends on an adequate, steady supply of energy in the form of glucose. Studies show that those students who have breakfast every morning have better exams results because they find it easier to concentrate and remember information. So, we recommend that you start your day with carbohydrates that will slowly release energy during the morning: oatmeal, whole grain bread, or low sugar muesli. You also need to supplement the diet with protein: a small amount of milk, yogurt, or eggs would be just fine. 

  1. Get a little rest every 45 minutes or so

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  1. Work according to the plan

It is really important to plan your exam preparation. And keep in mind: if we divide this process into the three main stages, the most fruitful one is the second stage of preparation. During the first one, you’re just trying to get on board and start working, and in the third one, you get tired, and you can’t concentrate properly. Therefore, if you have only three days left, do the greatest bulk of the work on the second day. On the first day, just look through your lecture notes to refresh your knowledge. On the second day, deal with the same questions, but make sure to dig deeper – grab your textbook to study the details. You definitely work hard and deserve some relax with Hookupgeek. There you will find all the necessary information on the strong points of every adult-content website. And use the third day just to review the material you’ve covered.

  1. Get cramming out of your mind once and for all!

You should resort to banal cramming in the most extreme case since this method is extremely ineffective. The key to good memorization is intellectual work with the material. Try to understand the essence of the topic and use the keywords method. According to this method, in order for you to remember some information, it is enough to select and memorize one or two keywords. Having remembered them, you will immediately recall the rest. Such a method will help you perform better at your exams and even save time.

To conclude

We hope that the advice you can see here will help you pass your exams!


Ajay Deep

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