How To Pursue A Global MBA Degree in India

An MBA degree is thought to be the entryway to a successful career for young graduates in India. An international MBA is preferred by many students as it can provide better exposure and a more lucrative career profile.

Keeping the need of students in mind, many Indian institutes have started to include global accreditations to their curriculum to allow students greater international exposure. Such specialised MBA programmes are known as Global MBA. They can offer a global dimension to the teaching, education, and research for the institute. The international accreditations and collaborations also help the Indian B-Schools to improve their brand value and global rankings.

These programmes are also convenient for the Indian student as they can be part of an international MBA curriculum on their home soil.

Global MBA Programme by B-Schools in India

Most of the prominent MBA colleges in India have opted to internationalize their PGDM and MBA programmes to address its rising demand worldwide.

The B-Schools opt for mainly three kinds of international accreditations – the AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. IIM Calcutta opted for all the three accreditations in the later part of 2017. The institutes are also collaborating with numerous international business schools and universities. Some of the eminent Business Schools in India also offer Global MBA degree awarded by eminent Foreign Universities to its students.

  • What is the structure like?

Usually, a Global MBA programme involves students spending 18 to 20 weeks abroad to have more global exposure and develop hands-on skills to perform in the global business world. The curriculums for such programmes are at par with the global standard and degrees are awarded by some of the most renowned international B-Schools or accredited by international organizations. These courses also invite international students to the Indian campuses. This helps Indian students to create intercultural networks beyond the borders of the country. Most of the Global MBA Programs are of 12 months duration. Some of the programs are also for 2-years. Students get to spend four to twelve months abroad and experience the rich academic culture of the host country.

  • Some popular Global MBA programmes

Many top B-Schools in India offer Global MBA Programme. Some of the most popular programmes offered in India are accredited by international organizations. Among the top institutes, you can also find Global Business Management Programmes that are conducted in collaboration with the reputed international Universities.

What are the eligibility criteria to get admission to a Global MBA Programme?

  • Most of the institutes offering Global MBA Programmes require at least 50% in the undergraduate degree and three years of job experience to be eligible for the courses.
  • Candidates should have good CAT/GMAT/GRE scores.
  • As students will require spending some part of their semesters in abroad, they have to meet the English language proficiency requirement. Scores of English Proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson Test of English are accepted by the institutes. The minimum scores for the MBA eligibility are different for each of the institutes offering Global MBA programme.

What are the prospects of a Global MBA degree in India?

A Global MBA Programme aims to create executive and future leaders with the skills to take on different roles in the international business and the ability to work across different cultures.  

  • Global MBA degree provides an edge over homegrown MBA degrees as students can experience real-life exposure to global business trends during their time abroad. For example, MYRA School of Business offers students to spend the second year of their study in the Dalhousie University in Canada.
  • Several top-notch B-schools in India offer the second phase of their course at the European campuses in Torino, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw, Paris, and London. Students of those Global MBA Programmes can spend each of the three semesters in India and other countries. The exposure to different cultures in the programmes helps students to make new acquaintances that can turn into successful business partnerships later.
  • Students with Global MBA degree are also offered vast job opportunities in different multinational firms who are waiting to rope in skilled managers in their teams. Some of the most well-known institutes have recorded a clear 14% increase in salary packages in 2018, than their previous years’ during campus recruitments.
  • Top MNCs including Google, Deloitte, Caterpillar, Cedar, Cummins, Johnson & Johnson, etc recruited students from eminent institutes campus. You will find that high performing students have been offered compensation packages as high as Rs 41 Lakhs. So if you have so far dreamed of working in a top-notch global organization as a senior manager, then a Global MBA is certainly going to boost the prospects.

How to choose a Global MBA degree to have maximum prospect?

Many B-Schools are offering Global MBA Programmes, both online and offline. Students should choose properly after researching very well.

B-Schools that can help them get the right exposure to the international business world can help them get proper direction in their career path. The top B-Schools including the IIMs have also joined the list of institutes offering international MBA curriculum in their programs. So, you can choose among the best for your education.

Business Institutes in the country have successfully helped students achieve their desired goals after a Global MBA degree. Executive MBA Programmes having global accreditations are flexible, and students can choose among their courses. They are also convenient for the student as they have a favourable location to help professionals attend the classes.


Global MBA Programs have made it possible for Indian students have the best of international education in their home country and also spend some time in foreign countries to learn about the international business world. These programmes can equip you with the knowledge to manage businesses in different locations of the world with ease and confidence, something domestic MBA programmes may not offer. To pursue any one of these programmes, you will need a good CAT/GMAT/GRE score and a strong will to learn to the best of your ability.


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