How to Put on a Bob Wig: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners?

Bob wigs are very much in vogue; they are stylish, versatile, and easy to wear. If you are new to wigs or only desire a chic hairstyle then bob wigs are the best way to go. Luvme Hair bob wigs are made from 100% human hair. They are handy and comfy. It will enable you to put on and take it off easily.

The glueless wigs design protects your natural hair and scalp. The straps with combs that are adjustable ensure that this fits well. The HD lace gives a realistic look. This article will guide you on how to fix your bob wig well so that it stays put on you securely and looks natural.

Preparing Your Hair and Scalp

Clean and Condition Your Hair

Commence by shampooing your hair. It is important as it gives a smooth and relaxed feel. Cleanse your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo. Next, use a moisturizing conditioner. The hair under the wig will remain nourished and moisturized under the wig. As you proceed ensure the hair is completely dry.

Braid or Flatten Your Hair

Form a smooth base for the wig. If your hair is short, push it straight back. Divide your long hair. Braid in small sections around your head. As a result, you will get a flat area under it. It gives the natural look and stability of a wig.

 Protect Your Scalp

To protect the scalp, wear a wig cap. It helps your normal hair stay in the right place. It is designed so that there is no prickling or shifting. To put on a wig cap, stretch it over your head with all hair tucked inside. The cap should fit snugly. This step is crucial for a secure fit.

Preparing the Luvme Hair Bob Wig

Inspect the Wig
Inspect your bob wig before you wear it. Look out for any damages or adjustments that might be necessary. Check for tears in the wig cap. Make sure the hair is not tangled. Inspect it to know that your wig is in good condition and ready for use.

Adjust the Wig Cap Size

Luvme Hair bob wigs come with adjustable straps and combs that help fit the wig to the head size. The cap can be altered using these features. The wig should feel tight and comfortable at the same time. A good-fitting wig will remain in position and appear as if it grew there.

Style the Wig

Lightly groom the Luvme Hair bob wig to style before wearing it. It may involve brushing it. Change the side parting if necessary and set the bangs differently. Pre-styling a wig helps in saving time. Wearing the wig before you head pre-styling makes it easy to get your favorite look.

Putting on the Luvme Hair Bob Wig

Positioning the Wig Cap

Make sure your head and hair are snugly covered by the wig cap. It fits firmly on your head, covering all of your hair. No part of it should be loose on any side or have bumps on it. It is crucial in achieving a realistic appearance and keeping the bob wig in place.

Aligning the Wig

Make sure the bob wig front aligns with your natural hairline. The correct placement for the front of a wig is important. Place the HD lace of the bob wig at the hairline or position its front edge there. Be certain that the wig completely covers the wig cap on your hair. It should be in line with your ears. 

Securing the Wig

Secure the wig with wig clips, combs, or adhesive. Using bobby pins or wig clips at the edges will make it extra tight. Slide the wig combs into place. If needed apply adhesive carefully around the edges. It will press the bob wig down and keep it in place, looking natural all day.


Putting on a Luvme Hair bob wig can be easy. Follow the correct procedure to wear it. Make sure you have washed and conditioned your hair neatly. Reduce the drag by using a wig cap. Make sure that the wig is positioned and fastened. It will help you achieve a natural and stylish look. Wear a wig in comfort and without fear of it falling off.  Enjoy the versatility and convenience of your Luvme Hair bob wig. Embrace your new look with confidence.



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