How To Start Lead Generation On TikTok With Potential Customers?

Do you like to generate more leads on social media? Then, start using prominent social media apps like TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook since these are the effective go-to platforms. For example, lead generation through TikTok can drive massive sales-generating outcomes. 

Intro About TikTok

TikTok is a new trending block of the platform. It goes viral because of the compelling content strategy. Also, the downloads of the TikTok app exceed more than 1.5 billion times and have 800 million engaging users across the globe. While considering the daily users on the platform, TikTok users invest at least an average of 52 minutes every day on the app. Are you engaging your active audiences on the TikTok profile? If so, start to create an innovative content strategy to boost up your popularity on TikTok. Next, the best approach is to buy tiktok fans trollishly that improve organic growth and build your community. With that, look at TikTok’s video virality as teens post funny and TikTok challenges to go trending on the platform. 

Brands that focus on generating leads and expanding their sales rate must include TikTok marketing as their tactics. Now, are you trying to know more about jumpstarting your lead generation on TikTok? If so, don’t worry, as we will cover in this article using these different methods to generate leads on TikTok to grab your potential customers. 

Let us kickstart now!

Try To Use TikTok Ads

On TikTok, advertising methods are the fastest technique to generate leads on TikTok. The design of TikTok ads supports brands’ reach among their potential audiences. Yet, smaller or bigger, your business on TikTok, the ads will help you increase lead generation and sales growth. Usage of TikTok ads can improve your brand awareness, understand your customers, gather customer information, and direct TikTok users to a landing page. 

Here, Bibit is the best illustration of a brand on TikTok ads for generating leads. It’s an Automatic Mutual Fund Investment application that assists young retail investors in investing their money. It has had the aim of pushing new installations and user registrations on the mobile app. Also, they achieved the best results as Bibit ran an advertising campaign for smartphone app user registrations. By the end of the three-month advertising campaigns, the number of user registrations on the app increased by 414%. 

Pro Tip: If you need to create TikTok ads, you should start your TikTok Business account. While creating your ads, make sure that you pick a suitable advertising standard. The advertising goal you select must fit the target of your lead generation. 

Here are three advertising targets where you can select from:

  • Website traffic.
  • Conversions.
  • App Installations. 

If your target is to direct your TikTok users to a specific landing page, your advertising aim must be traffic. Next, suppose your target is sales-based leads, then the conversion advertising strategy will be a suitable option. For the higher ROI, it is significant that you can select the right advertising tactics. 

Pro Tip: Are you working on TikTok’s lead generation for your business? If so, start to create compelling content for your TikTok business profile. Later, if you need to reach followers, make use of Trollishly that expands your engagement rates. As a result, all your profile prospects convert into potential customers. 

Include A Clickable Link On Your Bio

When a follower discovers your content fascinating, then the first thing your audience will look at is your TikTok bio. So, take advantage of the TikTok bio by including a clickable link on your profile. A clickable link on your TikTok bio lets you drive your website traffic to your domain or a specific page. For example, if you promote a product on your TikTok feed, you can make use of compelling call-to-action in your post captions to direct prospects into the link in your bio. In this way, you can tweak your TikTok viewers as leads and potential customers. 

For instance, Kylie Cosmetics uses the clickable link in their bio to drive website traffic to their online store. 

If your brand places the clickable links in a suitable place to your bio, then TikTok assists in generating massive leads to your profile. Using the TikTok clickable links, you can generate traffic for your profile, produce subscribers for your email newsletter, call users into your brand events, and many other factors. 

Point To Note: TikTok bio is not present for every TikTok user’s accounts. It is still in the beta testing phase, Yet, you may get the feature if you like to join TikTok’s Tester program. 

How Does TikTok Challenge Generate Lead?

TikTok challenges can be both sponsored and organic methods. It is an ideal method to expand brand awareness and generate leads on TikTok. Trending TikTok challenges can make your brand visible among thousands of target customers. Brands that like to grab the younger audience must include their TikTok challenges to generate their lead strategies. If you are trying to increase your brand’s visibility and reach among your followers, creating effective TikTok content with hashtags helps find your competitors and effective collaborations go hand-in-hand. Along with that, make your compelling TikTok profile by using Trollishly that supports you to skyrocket your organic growth.

There are a few methods where you can get started with TikTok challenges

  • Take part in a current prevalent TikTok challenge. 
  • Start your TikTok branded challenge.
  • Make use of TikTok ads to advertise your TikTok challenge.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is one of the quickest-developing social media platforms across the world. When you use the right strategies on TikTok, you can start generating your business leads and increase your brand awareness. From the TikTok ads to TikTok challenges, there are several chances for effective lead generation. The vital factor in creating exciting content that pulls the attention of your potential customers. Moreover, remember to connect with influencers who are perfect for your brand. I hope this article will help you start with lead generation on TikTok. 


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