How To View Instagram Profile Picture in Full Zoom

It’s a fact that people post their pictures as their profile picture on any app, especially Instagram. As on Instagram you can only view the profile picture of a person whom you are not following except for accounts that are public. Profile picture is a statement piece of introduction to your account and the first thing that any user would notice whenever they check out your profile or content. Instagram locks Instagram profile pictures in small circular thumbnails for security reasons. You cannot view any profile picture in its original size and resolution, not even your own profile. There is no way to surpass this restriction on Instagram. Hence you need to use other methods and apps to get a complete look of the profile picture. This article details too easy ways to view any Instagram profile picture in full zoom.

Instagram Profile Picture Viewer:

The easiest and best way to view any Instagram profile picture is by using Instagram profile picture viewer. Instagram profile picture viewer is a third-party app that enables you to view any Instagram profile picture in its original size and resolution. There are many Instagram profile picture viewers like Instazoom. These apps use AI powered API Technology that helps you get a full clear view Instagram profile picture. These apps also allow you to download the profile picture as well in jpeg format and HD quality. To download any Instagram profile picture you can simply go to the official websites of these Instagram profile picture viewer software or download their official apps for your device. Certain apps like Instazoom work for both android and iOS. Simply open these apps and in the field provided enter the username of the username of the person whose profile picture you wish to view. Tap ok and the software will open the profile picture in full zoom. This way you can easily view any Instagram profile picture in its original size and resolution. You can also download these profile pictures by tapping on the download button over the image on the app.

Through Browser:

Instagram might restrict you from viewing Instagram profile pictures in full zoom but you can always use a browser for the same. To view any profile picture in full zoom, simply login into your Instagram account using a browser. Open and then login into your profile. Now navigate to the profile whose profile picture you wish to open in full zoom. Click on the profile picture thumbnail and a menu opens. Now choose the ‘open in new tab’ option. The profile picture will be opened in full zoom in a new tab. The only problem with this method is that at times you do not get a complete image and see part of the image.


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