How to Write a Perfect SAT Essay?

We guess all students know what SAT means. This is a Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is passed by schoolers to show their average skills. It helps to understand that someone is successful and someone has to improve his/her skills and knowledge to get into the college or university he/she dreams about. Many students use the resourcefulness of the Internet to prepare for this important test. Professional essay writing is amongst their common supporting sources.

There are many reliable writing agencies, which help students to withstand any challenge. For example, you may choose DoMyEssay because this is an experienced and highly reputed essay writing agency. DoMyEssay will write an essay for you to save your time and keep stress at bay. If you want to improve your writing skills, its specialists will provide you with the necessary insights. Besides, we recommend reading our guide because it teaches how to write a perfect SAT essay.

Manage Your Time Reasonably

We’d like to begin with the tips on time management. Unfortunately, many students frequently fail right because they are bad planners and cannot control their time. As they see that the time limit is about to expire, they get anxious. This leads to multiple mistakes and so, a poor score. Consequently, you should improve your time management skills until they are perfect.

Every SAT challenge consists of several sections. When you come to the writing section, you’ll require your reading, analytical, writing, and editing skills. Make sure they are at a high level, which allows for passing the writing section fast enough.

The whole process should take not more than an hour. If you possess advanced writing skills, know a lot, and have great time management skills, it may take only some 40-45 minutes. The approximate time required to complete an essay is like this:

  • Reading: 5-10 minutes;

  • Analyzing and Planning: 7-12 minutes;

  • Writing: 25-35 minutes;

  • Revising: 2-3 minutes.

Undoubtedly, the time limits vary depending on who writes an essay. You may fulfill each stage according to the proposed list or much faster. That’s why you should practice essay writing every day. Spend about an hour to make a plan, write, and revise your paper. You should likewise create a list of anticipated topics. Cover every possibility to be prepared for any challenge. Check how quick you are and if you run out of time, it’s necessary to rework your writing strategy.

Enhance Reading Comprehension

You’re supposed to have advanced reading skills. They are important when you’ll read the instructions for every section of the test. Using your reading comprehension, you’ll understand what exactly you’re supposed to do. Moreover, you’ll have to read and understand the demands of your essay. Therefore, try different reading strategies. For example, you may underline the key points or quickly “scan” the text to create a general image, etc.

Accordingly, read a lot. This should be specific literature about how to enhance reading and writing skills. Find useful tutorials and guides similar to this one. Commonly, they are offered by educational and non-profit websites that offer learning materials for free. Sometimes it’s necessary to buy a book of some great author who provides useful tips on how to write perfect essays. If the exemplar is worthy, pay for it to enjoy success.

Brush Up Grammar and Use Special Checkers

Sometimes students write captivating and original essays, but their grammar is poor. As they make many mistakes, they lose lots of essential grades. Consequently, you have to brush up grammar. Revise the basics and do some practical exercises to see how good you are. Pay more attention to the most troublesome topics.

We likewise recommend using special grammar and spellchecking applications. They can help you a lot. For example, you may download Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Ginger, etc. Each checker quickly scans the texts and underlines your mistakes. Of course, those checkers likewise show the correct variants. Keep the record of your typical mistakes and try to remember them. Telling from our rich experience, most of them will be memorized automatically. It’s a great chance to improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Apply one of the checkers after you type your essay samples.

Practice Different Revision Strategies

The last stage of every paper and test is to review them. You’re expected to have great editing and proofreading skills. Make sure that rereading of your papers is your habit. Read attentively but don’t go too slow. Always keep an eye on the watch to be sure you’re reading fast enough.

The most standard revision strategy is to read in your head. Another typical method is to read aloud. As you’ll be on the exam, you may only whisper because you may disturb other students. If you have spare time, read from the end to the beginning. It provides better chances to identify mistakes.


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