How to Write a Research Paper Fast and Accurate?

Many people are asked to write a research paper during their studies. However, it often causes difficulties for students, because if an essay is an even more or less understandable type of work, then a research paper is a higher level. It happens that on the way to writing a research paper it becomes laziness, and it happens that there is a banal lack of time. In both cases, an excellent way out of the situation would be to ask for help at the writing service where professionals will write a paper for you. If you have time and you are not lazy but still can not write a research article and you really want to do this, then this article is for you. How to quickly and yourself write a research article using only the Internet and a computer? This article will give you a couple of simple and effective tips.

Use the Search Engine

Start with the simplest and most effective, use a search engine, for example, google or yahoo. Using a search engine, enter the exact name of your topic or keywords, here it is up to you.

Review Search Results

Do not rush to choose the one that suits you best (do not forget, you do not want to plagiarize, you create your own research article) or the first source you find, look at all the search results found, no more than 20 – 30 sources, be it books, articles or similar essays. Next, download the information found on the local computer.

Try to take the main thing, start with the content, if at least remotely resembles your topic, download. Create a specific folder for ease of use and upload the sources you need to write a research article to a local drive, it will be more convenient for you, so you are independent of whether you have Internet or not. You can also use a flash-drive at your convenience to write in a place and at a time convenient for you.

Save Only the Most Important Information.

After all the information you found on paper is on your computer, carefully study it, removing the sources farthest from your topic, do not save unnecessary information, 3-5 sources will be enough for you to start.

Fill the Main Body with Text Information

Create a draft and add to it the most useful, necessary and relevant information for you, try not to take separate sentences or paragraphs from the chapters, feel free to copy the whole chapter (this will help you not to come up with the contents because you already copied the chapter and its title), if that, you can throw out a couple of sentences or add in your own words. At the very end, you have to draw up a plan. Believe me, the fact that you studied the information in your research paper and know what is in it and where to be is the main indicator for teachers. Add Internet links to the list of references, no one has canceled advanced technologies, you will be marked and praised for it, but do not forget to mention articles or books, even if you took only a couple of words or sentences from them.

Be careful with the pronoun “I”

Not all teachers approve of phrases like “I think …”, “I believe…”. It is assumed that the abstract is a study of the scientific base, which is carried out by at least two people, you and your teacher. Therefore, it sounds better “We believe …”, “We can conclude …”.

However, it is better to get away from these “I” and “we.” Once or twice on each page, at the beginning of some sentences, add the phrases: “It seems that …”, “Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that …”, “Summarizing all of the above, it can be said that ….”


Illustrations are always an added plus. They create the feeling that the topic is thoroughly worked out. In addition, with the help of illustrations, you can control the volume of the abstract by changing the size of the drawings. Sometimes teachers are against the fact that drawings are found in the text, they require the creation of an appendix for this. But they inform about this in advance, so if you haven’t been reported about this, feel free to arrange the drawings in the text. It is advisable that the explanation for the figures go directly below them. But sometimes you can just leave the signature “Fig. 1 “, and give an explanation in the text of the paragraph.

Check for Mistakes

Please now carefully read or review your paper, check for errors, in Microsoft word it is easy and simple. Make a paper according to the standards of your university or use sample (you may use some sites providing such samples), this is usually a title, introduction, and conclusion, the table of contents also needs to be drawn up based on the requirements of a particular style. 

Look, your essay is ready, believe me – you succeeded, boldly go and hand in the paper to the teacher, argue, prove, discuss, the truth is on your side, you yourself wrote this essay, this is your essay, you correctly quoted the sources used and you may not worry about plagiarism.


Acting according to this article and applying a little zeal, you can easily fulfill the task set by the teachers and surprise your acquaintances or fellow students with your independence. Feeling once all the ease and simplicity of the research papers, you will be able to fulfill orders yourself and receive money for this or help loved ones. Enjoy your studies and pass the exams! Everything is not as complicated as it seems.


Ajay Deep

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