How to Write the ‘Why ISB’ Essay?

If you are planning to do a post graduate degree in business administration then you must know that writing essay that why you want to enter that college is a very important part of getting an admission there. A lot of things are judged on the basis of the essay that you have written. Your grammar skills, goals and intention of getting into the business schools are being judged here. There are two topics that are generally given to the students. The two questions are:

Why should you be chosen or what is different in you? 

Why are you choosing ISB Hyderabad or Mohali?

In the first question you are expected to write about your unique selling points and the things that make you different from others. They may be your experiences or way of seeing life that makes you stand out from the crowd. The second question wants to know your future goals, vision of life, value that you want to create and how ISB would be playing an important role in all these.

You can state all that you have researched about the college and why do you think that this would be the perfect choice for you and how it will help you achieve the goals in your life and success in your professional life. You need to state your short term as well as long term goals. Your seriousness and potential to achieve those goals should be very clear. The goals should not be unachievable and you should sound determined to meet the objectives of your life. 


Before you start writing your SOP it is very important to have a clear road map in your mind that what are the points, details, life experiences, skills and goals that you would like to share in the SOP. Writing down all your ideas and experiences one a sheet of paper might be helpful before writing the SOP. In this way you can form proper sentences, follow a pattern of writing and also not miss out on any point while writing it down. You might have several floating ideas in mind and arranging them before starting to write the SOP would be of great help.


It is often said that a good start can keep the reader glued to your application. If you don’t start the Statement of Purpose in a very interesting way it might be the case that the reader loses interest and moves forward to the next application. You can start your SOP with a good captivating story or a mysterious beginning to engage the reader. Stating the goals, skills and life experiences in the very beginning might be a very straightforward way to start an application but can be seen as a professional way of writing an application and this also might help the candidate gain some brownie points. 

Formulation of Statement of Purpose:

Here the student needs to explain why or how he can be the perfect candidate for the applied college. One can relate the course with his current job and how it can help him grow in his career or he can relate the entire learning of the course with some previous experience in his life where he has used similar skills but now wants to get a professional degree in applying it. This part basically is for giving the admission council a sneak-peek into your life on basis of which the admission committee can decide whether the candidate is eligible for admission or not. The formulation has to be done in a certain way that is given below:

Academic profile: 

Here the student can give details about his academic journey and how the previous courses have helped him decide to take up this course. If one is changing stream then he should give a valid reason for doing so or at least state how he got interest towards this line. He can also write about his experiences in internships and projects that he might have done and how the same is helping him gain interest towards this subject that he is choosing.

What has motivated you to take up this course? 

Here the candidate has to give a clear justification regarding his interest for this course. This part is very important and can make or break the impression of the candidate in front of the admission committee. What has driven your interest towards this course, what inspired you and what you expect out of this are the questions that are expected to be answered by the candidate.


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