HSRP Affixation In Chandigarh At New Rates To Start Soon

Chandigarh Administration is soon going to start affixing the High Security Registration Plates(HSRPs) at newly fixed rates. The rates for putting up the HSRPs have remained highly debatable in the past months and have been changing their altitudes from high to low. Previously the rates of the HSRPs were doubled and due to the expiration of vendor’s license the process of getting HSRP was stopped in July 2016. The number plate series that are in the queue from about an year now are CH01-BG, CH01-BH and CH03-N. But now hopefully the wait of the people will come to an end as the UT administration would start the affixation task as soon as possible in the upcoming days.

Chandigarh HSRP’s New Rates

The new rates fixed by the Chandigarh Administration have been thought upon thoroughly and will remain in the same figures for seven years constant. The new rates fixed by the administration are this way:

  • The new rate for the two wheeler – Rs 160
  • For Four wheeler – Rs 360
  • Earlier rates for two wheeler- Rs 79 – Rs 225
  • Earlier For Four wheeler – Rs 183
  • The rates for the four wheeler have been raised, apparently

Negotiating The Rates

With the rates set soaringly high people often take a step back in affixing the HSRPs on their vehicles. The administration of Chandigarh has tried its best to fix the rates at a low level so that people don’t face any restriction. The Transport Department has allotted the license to a new vendor “Test Security” to initiate the project of HSRP affixation in the city.

The Chandigarh Transport Department has cancelled the tenders of the vendor company many times after it refused to reduce the rates.Since more than 60,000 cars and two-wheelers are awaiting their HSRPs in Chandigarh it would be really tough for the Registartion and Licensing Authority of UT to clear the logjam.

Why HSRPs?

Started in the year 2012, the High Security Registration Plates have become the standard number plates of India and will be valid throughout the nation. With unique details engraved and a non-removable snap on lock that is hard to fling off the HSRPs ensure a lot of safety to the vehicle owners as their vehicles if stolen will be recovered easily as the police will be able to track down the vehicle through the details on the number plate. The rates of slapping on HSRP is far lower in Chandigarh than any other region in our country so it is requested to the citizens to get one to avoid any problem in future.

Source: TheTribune


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