HSRP Number Plates in Chandigarh | Prices to be Doubled

Chandigarh | The state transport department came up with HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) on vehicles. HSRP started throughout India about 5 years back. High-Security Registration Plates form a uniform pattern which displays the vehicle’s registration number.

HSRP Rates Gets Doubled in Chandigarh

“Test Security Agency” has been finalized by the state transport department. This has been done for the affixation of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) on vehicles. The charges for the High-Security Registration Plates on vehicles:

  • Four-Wheelers -Rs. 380 (Present Charges), Rs. 183 (Earlier Charges)
  • Two-Wheelers – Rs. 225 (Present Charges), Rs. 79 (Earlier Charges)

It is expected that the work will be allotted by end of April, 2017. Due to the expiry of Vendor’s contract, the process of affixation of High-Security Number Plates was stopped. The process was stopped for the number plates series: CH01-BH, CH01-BG, and CH03-N.

Things You Need To Know About High-Security Number Plates

The High-Security Number Plates protects the vehicles from theft. Some of the features of High-Security Number Plates which play a major role are:

  • It has chromium base chakra hologram
  • India inscribed (IND)
  • It has a seven-digit unique laser code and non-removable snap lock. If the lock is removed from the plate, it will remain non-reusable.
  • It comes with a self-destructive windshield sticker
  • HSRPs are tamper-proof
  • HSRP has a laser numbering which contains alpha-numeric identification. The identification contained is of both testing agency and the manufacturer

HRSP plates help in creating a national data of all the vehicles in the country. The main motive of the High-Security Number Plates is the security of the vehicles.  People who will be buying new cars need not worry about the long queue for the registration as the new vehicles will come fitted with High-Security Number Plates. The High-Security Number Plates was introduced in 2005 as an amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

The High-Security Number Plates will prevent anti-social elements from using fake number plates on the vehicles. The best part of the High-Security Number Plates is that the number plate will break if someone tried to remove or replace it.

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