Huawei Scheduled a ‘Honor Gala Sale’ On Amazon for India | Huge Discounts & Offers

‘Honor’ which is an online only brand by Huawei has announced a ‘Honor Gala Sale’ in India which is scheduled from the 7th to 11th of November on Amazon India. The Honor smartphones and other accessories that are sold by Huawei in India will be up for grabs at hefty discounts. The discounted prices will be reflected on Amazon India and Honor India’s official website where the Online ‘Honor Gala Sale’ is bound to happen. You can also buy the Honor smart phones by Huawei for discounted prices at Flipkart which is a major e-commerce website in India.

Popular deals on the ‘Honor Gala Sale’ on India:

Huawei owned Honor has announced huge deals on its premium as well as budget smart phones to make a dent in the Indian smart phone market. The discounted prices of these Huawei manufactured smart phones will be reflected on Amazon India, Flipkart and Honor India’s official website.

Huawei Honor’s most popular smart phone in India the Honor 8 Pro is selling for a discount of 3,000 Rupees at its original price of 29,999 INR. The 3GB/32GB variant of the Honor 6x is listed for a 2,000 Rupee discount at 11,999 and the 4GB/64GB at 13,999 Rupees on Amazon India. A discount of 500 will also be available on the power banks sold by Honor India. Flipkart offers a 1,000 off on Honor tablets.

Honor smartphones by Huawei face tough competition from Xiaomi in Indian market:

Honor has been ringing the cash register for Huawei as it is a budget line of smartphones that are available only online on e-commerce websites like Amazon. But the scenario in the Indian smart phone market has proven to be significantly different for Honor and Huawei. Honor faces a tough competition from the likes of Xiaomi, another Chinese smart phone manufacturer which has a strong hold in the Indian Market. Huawei smart phones too failed to make a mark in India which are priced relatively higher and in line with smart phones from Samsung and LG. The Amazon India ‘Honor Gala Sale’ may help the company fetch in good sales numbers.

Source: Gadget 360

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