Humans Vs Bots | Are Robots Going To Takeover Our Jobs In The Future?

With the coming up of the highly advanced machinery into the world to handle tasks of all kinds, the need of human hands is slowly going out of demand. Right now the science and technology in our world is such a boost that we humans really need to find our way around to either work along with it or work better than it. What do you think we can do out the two options? I think in both cases humans have to pull their socks up and push their boundaries even more.

Coming up of robots was one thing, but coming up of humanoid robots that can accomplish tasks that always required human hands and that too in a fraction of second is completely different thing. Not only these robots will change the face of work, but actually, they will soon force us human beings to be thrown out of work for not being “quick” enough.

Rise Of The Bots

Its not new to us the time since these robots started handling complex tasks at several industries and public and private facilities. In today’s time automobile industry, medical industry, food factories and agriculture business all get major help from robots to accomplish from meager to huge tasks from tasks that require lot precision to works that are a work of snap all are handled by highly advanced robotics.

As robots have started handling a lot of tasks in big industries and businesses day by day work of human being has slowly been decreased. Scientists are now trying to make robots that can work all by themselves, that are more sophisticated, do not require any human hand to change, make and repair its parts and be more independent at many tasks. Much to your surprise, an American company called Momentum Machines has designed a bot that can prepare a delicious hamburger in just 10 seconds!

So Are We Going To Be Jobless Soon?

The answer is yes and no. Coming at a point in this world where robots will replace humans at work and render us jobless is not believable in a proper sense. It is true that the coming future is of the machines but it is also true that in future in case machines go bad than human beings are the only ones who can come to their rescue.

If there will be less or no jobs for human beings in other industries because of robots, they still can get a job of assisting a person building a robot, right! So, this question is still debatable whether our coming generation will go jobless because of humanoids or not. Only the future has the right answer for it.

Source: Wired


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