Maruti Suzuki India Has Been Dethroned by Hyundai in After Sales Satisfaction Survey

If your family is looking to buy a new car, chances are that your father is still pushing you to buy a Maruti Suzuki car. That is the power of satisfaction it brought along in the good old days. It was believed that a Maruti hardly ever breaks down and if it ever does, it can be repaired in any corner of the world for a price of a hotdog. Well, it is 2017 and things have surely changed. The results of a survey by J.D. Power conclude that people are no longer satisfied with the service and after sales of Maruti Suzuki.

Hyundai dethrones Maruti Suzuki India in terms of After Sales Satisfaction:

The survey conducted by J.D. Power concluded that it was not Maruti Suzuki but Hyundai that has topped the list of the most satisfying automaker by the people in India. The Korean company Hyundai dethroned Maruti Suzuki in terms of customer satisfaction and better service. The customers felt the Hyundai cars had no issues with them and also the service at Hyundai dealerships was far more satisfactory.

Maruti was nowhere close claiming 893 points but still scored the second position. Hyundai India, on the other hand, was a clear winner scoring 923 points. Clear, Frequent and consistent interaction with the customer helps in improving customer satisfaction.

Other manufacturers that topped the list along with Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki:

With a few major companies in the world having a strong presence in India, it is surprising that companies like Ford, Toyota and Volkswagon could not give a fight to Hyundai and Maruti. Hyundai topped the list of J.D, Power’s after sales satisfaction while Maruti and Tata tied up for the second place.

Mahindra another automobile company in India which specialises in the SUV segment came in fourth while Nissan, Datsun, Honda followed in order. Maruti and Tata both scored 893 points each. Japan’s Suzuki sells its cars in India in collaboration with Maruti. It is to be noted that the Maruti who sells its cars in India only generated more revenue than Suzuki which sells its cars worldwide.

Source: Zee News


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