Hyundai Creta To Face Tough Competition From Tata And Kia SUV Cars

Hyundai Creta which currently sees competition from the likes of Renault Captur will witness new Rivals in the form Tata H5 and Kia SUV

Hyundai Creta has been the most popular SUV that the Korean company sells in India and an all new facelift is on its way to the Indian customers very soon. The SUV which is priced at a little premium to compact SUVs from other car manufacturers still manages to bring in quite some numbers for the carmaker because of its mature design and butch dimensions. However, the days of its reign might be over as Tata and KIA are set to launch their respective cars in the segment which also consists of the Renault Captur. The Hyundai Creta rival from KIA will be one of the first cars that the Korean company launches in India. You should know that Hyundai owns a 33.88% stake in South Korea’s KIA Motors.

KIA Motor’s Hyundai Creta Rival

Both SUVs and Compact SUVs have been doing pretty well in the Indian car market as the customers are ditching the traditional Sedans for better comfort and higher seating positions. The Hyundai Creta is larger in dimensions when compared to other compact SUVs and remained the only one in the competition for a while until the Jeep Compass came to eat into its sales. Now Hyundai owned KIA Motors too will launch a similar product that will be more futuristic and premium than the Creta.

The teasers of the SUV were released by KIA recently which through some light on the futuristic design of the car. The sharply designed car will be made locally here in India at Kia’s facility in Andhra Pradesh and will be priced competitively just under 10 Lakhs. The Hyundai Creta rival will come in both diesel and petrol power trains and will be showcased along with 15-16 other global products that Kia sells in other countries.

Tata Too Ready To Launch The Hyundai Creta Rival

Tata’s Hyundai Creta rival which is codenamed H5 is another car that will be launching in the segment pretty soon. The Tata car is built on Land Rover’s platform which is shared with the Discovery Sport. The car will be priced similar to the Creta and will sit between Nexon and Hexa in Tata’s product catalogue. If the reports are to be believed then the car will come with Nexa like looks with a Fiat sourced engine. Unlike the Hyundai Creta, the Tata offering will be coming with a 4 wheel drive option as well.

Tata Motors Reportedly Working on A Hyundai Creta Rival | Will Launch its SUV Soon


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