Hyundai is Re-launching Santa Fe SUV with New Design | Check What’s Changing

Hyundai is relaunching the Santa Fe at the Geneva Motor Show in the second week of March

Hyundai Santa Fe the iconic SUV is going to make a comeback and the company has released the first set of sketches that outline what the new facelift might look like. The car is on its way to the Geneva Motor Show where we will get to see the SUV in flesh for the first time. Santa Fe was the most premium SUV in the Hyundai line up in the Indian car market until September 2017, but it was later discontinued due to poor sales. The car was facing tough competition from the likes of Toyota Fortuner which made better sense for the Indian car buyer. However, the Hyundai Santa Fe might be looking to come back to the Indian car market since the Honda too is readying the launch of the CR-V.

Expected Features of the Hyundai Santa Fe:

The new Santa Fe takes inspiration from the Hyundai Kona this time and is all aggressive this time around. With a rounded design in its previous iterations in India, the SUV looks neat with its cuts and creases along with sharp lines that run from the front to the rear. The new Hyundai Santa Fe comes with LED daytime running lights which are designed much like any modern AUDI vehicle. The skid plates under the front and rear bumper make it look rugged and the Korean company might want the people to focus on the fact that the car can be taken off road as well.

The exact design from the sketches of the new Santa Fe might not translate to the production model and Hyundai has been keeping the interior under the wraps for now. We will know about the mechanicals when the car makes its grand entrance at the Geneva Motor Show. The Hyundai Santa Fe that was sold in India up until last year came with a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine that made 197BHP of power and 421Nm of torque.

Price and Launch Date of the Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai positioned the Santa Fe at quite a premium in the Indian car market and it went on against the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour which were doing extremely well at the time. At a starting price of 32 Lakh Rupees, the car made sense to only a fraction of buyers who had some pretty serious options to choose from. The new Hyundai Santa Fe will launch at the Geneva Motor Show in the second week of March and there is no word when the SUV will make it to India. However, if it does launch in the Indian market, it might do well this time around since the market has been warming up to cars like the Volkswagen Tiguan.


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