Hyundai Verna 2017 To Hit Roads Soon | Check Launch Date, Price, Specs & Features

Hyundai Verna 2017 is all set to Indian market especially the automobile sector this month i.e. in August. Bringing a nice closure to the most eagerly awaited launch in the Indian Automobile sector, the all new Hyundai Verna 2017 has already gone through its first brochure leak revealing details like the new design, features and specifications of the car. Coming in variants with different colour options, the Hyundai Verna 2017 model is all set to make its newly launched contemporaries sweep off from their complacency.

Hyundai Verna 2017 | Features

The all new baby of Hyundai family in the sedan form, Hyundai Verna 2017 proudly boasts of acquired features that are unique in their own way. The dual tone interiors of the Hyundai Verna 2017 in beige and black colours along with the leather finished knobs and panels give the Hyundai Verna 2017 a classy yet royal look. The 7 inch infotainment touch screen system whose controls are mounted on the steering wheel as well makes the Hyundai Verna 2017 cater to the taste of youth of India. LED tail lamps and day running lights defeats the purpose of the expensice sedans by other manufacturers in this league.

Chrome handles, dual coloured bumper and silver alloy wheels add to the aesthetics of the Hyundai Verna 2017 making the launch all the more curious to look out for. Available in four variants E, EX, SX and SX (O), the value for money obtained the moment you switch to a higher model justifies the price hike of promoted models in the Hyundai Verna 2017. The colourful variants of the Hyundai Verna 2017 all set to be launched in India includes Fiery Red, Flame Orange, Polar White and Brown.

Hyundai Verna 2017 | Specifications

Host to the latest upgraded design, premium features and boasting of one-of its kinds manufacturing in the automobile sector in India in 2017, Hyundai Verna, the beautiful sedan looks aesthetically sound and a treat to the eyes with what the images revealed on the internet says. The sedan, Hyundai Verna 2017 would be available in petrol and diesel versions both. The 1.4L older version of Hyundai Verna has been successfully upgraded to the 1.6 L petrol version and diesel version, both  have 121 and 126 bhp power and 130 & 245 Nm of peak torque respectively.

Furthermore, the Hyundai Verna 2017 is available in Manual and automatic variants as well both having 6-speed manual or torque converter.The technical aspects have also been modified in the new Hyundai Verna 2017 has a wider and longer keeping its height the same as the older version of Hyundai Verna. Greater cabin and leg space because of a wider wheelbase simply adds feather to the cap in the great design of the all new Hyundai Verna 2017 sedan car.

Hyundai Verna 2017 | Price & Launch Date in India

All set to get launched in Indian sub-continent, Hyundai Verna 2017 shall hit the Indian commercial sector on August 22, 2017 this month. The latest design upgradation and visually self evident amazing features, make Hyundai Verna 2017 the most sought after sedan car of 2017 as speculated by the tech & automobile enthusiasts of our country. With no fixed price introduced officially by the car manufacturer of Hyundai Verna 2017, the estimated introductory price of the beautiful sedan shall lie in the range of INR 9 to 14 lacs.

Already leaking its specification brochure to create a wave in the minds of Indian crowd, Hyundai Verna 2017 has taken the industry and its rival car manufacturers by storm with the upgraded R&D features incorporated in the design of Hyundai Verna 2017.

Source : NDTV


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