I am not the wildcard entry of Bigg Boss 3’’ says Instagram fame Ahmed Meeran

Q. Why did you choose Instagram as your primary platform to post content?
To be very honest, Instagram videos are relatively easier to produce as the video length is just one minute. That was the main reason why I post primarily on Instagram. The result, good or bad, is instant for each content and hence the process is continuous and very transparent, which I like. However, I occasionally post on YouTube and Tik Tok as well. I am planning to be more consistent on YouTube too.

Q. Who are your favourite digital content creators?
I love watching Deepak Kalal and Carry Minati’s funny videos. Personality wise I love the way in which Mallika Dua and Prajakta Koli carry themselves in front of the camera.

Q. How do the tiktokers, whom you feature in your roast series ‘TikTok Vaasigal’, react to your trolls about them?
While making each episode I take utmost care that I should not offend anybody whom I feature. Probably that has worked out well for me. Until this point, most of the tiktokers have taken it very sportively and I am happy about it. There have never been any backlashes as such.

Q. How is it that you balance your education and social media?
I love my studies and equally love content creation. Of course, there are days when I get tired of everything and feel low but the support from my family and friends and of course, my inner motivation keeps me going.

Q. Your Bigg Boss Tamil troll contents are hilarious. Did you get any call to take part in Bigg Boss Tamil?
There were some rumours a few days back that I am giving a wild card entry into Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Let me clarify, I was NEVER called or approached by the team to take part in the reality show as of now.

Q. Tell us about your closest circle. Who are the ones who keep you going?
Firstly, my family is by biggest asset. My mom, dad and sister are supportive and never pressurise me to do anything. I strongly feel that the freedom I receive at home is one of the main reasons for whatever I am able to explore. Other than my family, I am very close to my friends Galeel, Aditya and Manisha. I can even endorse the fact that having close friends who understand and love you unconditionally matters a lot in the journey of trying to do bigger in life and in my case, these people are my pillars of strength.

Q. You troll others in your content. Have you ever been trolled by others?
Content wise NO. Nevertheless, comment wise YES. Hope that was clear.

Q. To be a sensation on social media, what is important?
If you ask me, to be received well by huge mass of audience, the quality of your content matters the most. Produce quality stuff with a unique approach and be consistent. These are more than enough factors that can help you make a mark for yourself on Social media. I try experimenting with new varieties of content and I am open for constructive criticism.


Ajay Deep

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