IAF’s MiG 23 Aircraft Crashes in Jodhpur’s Balesar in Rajasthan

Indian Air Force’s (IAF) MiG-23 UB jet trainer crashed at Balesar near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The news has spread panic in the surrounding area but no loss of life or property had been reported till now. The MIG-23 turned to debris but both the pilots ejected safely.

Where and how did the IAF’s MiG 23 crash?

The Mig-23UB trainers are used to train pilots for the Mig-27 fighters in service with the IAF. According to the Indian Air Force sources the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) MiG-23 UB jet trainer crashed around 60.1 km from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The reason of crash could not have been established till now but the crash happened while the pilots were on a routine training operation.

A Court of Inquiry (CoI) has been ordered in the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) MiG-23 UB jet trainer crash incident that happend at Balesar near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Officials will be investigating the serious accident before coming to any conclusion.

Second incident in this month

This is the second such incident in the month of July itself. The recent crash happened on the 4th of July, wherein an Indian Air Force (IAF) chopper went missing in Arunachal Pradesh’s Papum Pare district. It was reported that there were three members on board when it went missing. Later, the debris of the helicopter was spotted near Sagalee in Papum Pare district.

IAF aircraft crash toll touched 7  

According to a Defence Aviation report, seven IAF aircrafts had already crashed till November in the year 2008. In most of the crashes no loss of lives or damage to civilian property was reported from the crash site. Problems were being faced by the Indian Air Force with the Russian-designed MiG fighters. It was also reported that these aircraft flying with the IAF beyond their service life. To avert any such incidents in the future the Air Headquarters had planned to replace the aircraft.

Source: The Economic Times


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