In A Bid To Make Grading System Standardised Like CBSE, CISCE Drops ICSE And ISC Pass Percentage

To make the grading system more standardised in the country, CISCE has dropped the minimum passing percentage of its board exams of 10th and 12th standard like the CBSE board. Students appearing for their ICSE and ISC board examinations will need 33% and 35% respectively to clear their exams. The decision of CISCE comes at a time when the IBWG (Inter Board Working Group) had recommended all the boards like CBSE to modify their grading systems.

Students of Class 10 ICSE need 33% while the 12th ISC students require 35% marks like CBSE students

The CISCE authorities following the CBSE board have announced a change in their grading systems on the recommendation from the IBWG (Inter Board Working Group). The 10th standard students appearing on ICSE boards will now require minimum 33% marks to pass their exams as opposed to 35% earlier. Students of ISC board appearing for ISC examinations will need to score a minimum of 35% marks in their exams like their fellow CBSE students. This pass percentage was set at 40% earlier. The CISCE has asked all the affiliated schools to make changes to their internal grading systems accordingly and follow the pattern recommended by IBWG. CISCE’s decision to follow a CBSE like pattern came into effect after several meetings between the IBWG and the ministry of human resource and development of India. It is to be noted that pass percentage of CBSE is same for both the 10th and 12th standard and stands at a uniform 33%.

The decision of CISCE to change ICSE and ISC pass percentage will come into effect in 2019

The CISCE may have changed the grading systems for both ICSE and ISC examinations in a bid to follow a CBSE like route but the students appearing for 10th and 12th board exams in 2018 are not likely to benefit from this decision as the CISCE changes will come into effect in 2019 only. The CBSE and ICSE students appearing for 10th board exams in the 2018-2019 session in March 2019 will need 33% passing marks while the ISC students will still require 35% to clear the board examination. The decision if implemented immediately could have helped the students appearing in 2018 board examinations.

Source: BusinessStandard

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