IIT Kanpur Cancels Admissions of 60 Students From Various Courses in 2017 & The Reason Will Shock You

IIT Kanpur recently gave 60 students the worst shock of their lives by cancelling admissions of them from various courses in 2017. Many of the students belonging to the final year of their respective courses in 2017, who have been the part of prestigious institution IIT Kanpur by cracking the most difficult IIT JEE exam in previous years are going through a nightmare now. Difficult to accept the decision taken up by the Indian Institute of Technology based in Kanpur location, careers of many have gone down the drain belonging to IIT-K.

About IIT-K Decision of Termination of Admission

Terminating the admissions of 60 students at one go, the major jolt has stirred the entire nation which bows down to the decision taken up the leading technical institutions of our nation, IITs. IITs have always maintained their quality of education imparted via ever-evolving teaching methods to produce the best technical minds for the welfare and betterment of the nation. Known to have the most rigorous procedure of giving admissions to students at various levels like Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate level, via conducting IIT-JEE, GATE etc examinations annually for a few vacant seats, lacs of students apply and compete for a few hundreds of available seats every year.

Why IIT Kanpur Terminated Admissions

Cracking such intense examinations and then studying amongst the best brains of the nation, termination of admission from such an esteemed institution is surely a nightmare for anyone. And when such an authority takes an action like termination or cancellation of the admission of some candidates, the reason must be very intense. So, what makes IIT-K suspend the admissions in 2017 of 60 students which includes forty-six undergraduate amongst eight of them pursuing their PG courses with 6 scholars who were enrolled in the research programme in the technical institution.

The reason will definitely shock you. The Poor performance of these students that lead to their expulsion from their course. Yes, that’s true. No mischievous acts, no defaulters, no offence and no crimes committed by the students but lack of performance in their subjects makes IIT-K consider them as ‘Weak’ students and lead to their termination. Though, prior warnings were issued to the same lot along with a mercy appeal opportunity but all in vain as IIT-K suspends the lot of 60 from various batches, including the ones belonging to the final year.

So, do not feel blessed and content by fetching admission into an IIT as surviving it is also a task. Calling the act as lawful and fair practice of the IITs , the suspension is justified according to them. All we hope and pray is that students accept the decision as their fate and work harder to strive forth in their lives in a better way.

Source: HT

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