Illegal casino busted in Gurgaon | 43 arrested

Haryana Police has busted a casino in Gurgaon which was being operated at a rented house in DLF Phase 2. All 43 people who were inside the casino when the police raided the venue were arrested. Cash totalling Rs. 40.20 lakh, a casino machine, currency counting machine and bottles of foreign liquor were found in the casino. All things have been taken into custody by the Haryana police. A case under gambling act has been registered against all arrested persons.

How the casino in Gurgaon worked?

The main accused, Naresh Malhotra was operating the casino from a rented house. The first floor of the house had a reception area and the casino was set up in the basement. 5 females were working in the casino as machine operators and 15 men were hired as bouncers. The entry to the house was restricted as only known rich persons and businessmen were allowed to come inside.

Naresh had set up CCTV cameras in at all locations in the house and he used to keep an eye on the monitor while sitting in his room. An illegal bar was running in the basement where foreign liquor was available.

Casinos are illegal in India. The police is further investigating the case and some more people attached to this activity may soon be arrested.

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