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A picture is worth a thousand words, So it is with you. Our image is a manifestation of our self-confidence, body language, grooming, appearance individuality and our personal style. In times of speedy globalisation, creating the right first impressions has become an important attribute of our being. We’ve all heard the truism, “You only make one first impression.” It’s true — and these impressions may be more powerful than we would imagine. And it is here that an Image Consultant can help because …”We do judge a book by its cover “.We can’t help it!!! A man is known by his dress and his address. You are what you appear.An individual’s verbal and non-verbal communication speaks volumes about his personality. It is very important to have the right impact on people during first encounters, as it sets the tone for future interactions. It’s the way you dress and your first hello or handshake, that you create impressions of not only your grooming and charisma, but you’re your trustworthiness, likeability and authority. And it is exactly for this reason that you would need the expertise of an Image Consultant to create your personal brand.

The Right Image Consultant

Abha is an accomplished and versatile professional with a career spanning 25 years traversing diverse fields. Based in Delhi and Chandigarh, Abha is currently devoted to enriching lives helping countless people rediscover themselves through an impressive and attractive image. As an Image consultant, Abha Chaudhary is equipped to enable women and men create positive first impressions in all situations by learning the art of authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable dressing along with effective paralinguistic skills and be mindful of their body language and behavioural skills.

So if you wish to morph yourself into a confident and well-groomed person for success in all your roles and goals by enabling you to recognise and understand your areas of improvement. in your verbal and non-verbal communication, Abha Chaudhary, a certified Image Consultant is the right person to approach.

As an Image Consultant, Abha Chaudhary feels like an artist who enables her clients to create wholesome & harmonious personal images – congruent to their authentic selves. As the founder of Personascapes, Abha aims to make every individual successful in his/her future endeavours.

Image Consultant in Chandigarh

Abha Chaudhary Image Consultant

Name: Abha Chaudhary.

Contact Number: 9878054699.

Facebook Page:

 One on One Corporate Consultations are Offered in:

  • Styling, Image makeovers, Wardrobe evaluation and Personal shopping,
  • Body language& Communication skills,
  • Business, and dining Etiquette,
  • Dress for Success and Grooming,
  • Voice & Accent Training,
  • Be an effective individual with improved Emotional Intelligence, Time and stress management skills.

abha-chaudhary-chandigarhAs  Voice & Accent trainer and Communication coach, Abha Chaudhary has attained the competencies to help develop a Global Indian accent, to understand the techniques of voice contouring and articulation, so as to speak in a way that helps to sound friendly, interested, confident.

An individual’s image is a combination of several factors. Only a trained image consultant can understand the criteria affecting an individual’s personal/professional growth and only he/she can help people present a winning image in all aspects of life. Abha understands that just like an interior is a combination of various factors, visual appearance is also a combination of several factors like etiquette, dressing, soft skills, mannerism, body language, etc. As an Image Consultant, Abha Chaudhary enables men and women to understand their surroundings and further puts in practice actions like clothing recommendation, communication enhancement, developing interpersonal skills etc. which motivates them positively and changes their perceptions of their own competencies.

Through her heart to heart talks on “Rendezvous with Abha “, Abha Chaudhary comes in a role of a “confidante” and helps you strengthen your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-competence.

About Abha Chaudhary

Enriched with the legacy of being an Army officer’s daughter and also a wife, Abha has travelled the world and has met people from all across the globe. A diligently happy go lucky woman, Abha loves to write on etiquette for the Chandigarh Tribune and with a flourishing past of a successful interior designer with clients like Nokia, Electrolux, Islamic Cultural Centre, she still rejuvenates her creativity with assignments on beautifying living spaces.


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