Implementation of Smart Parking in Chandigarh Delayed Again By the Firm

From what it looks like Chandigarh might not be getting smart parking any time soon. The firm has delayed the date for the launch of smart parking for the third time. The tender was awarded to a single firm which was to set up smart facilities at all the 25 paid parking lots in Chandigarh. The date of implementation of smart parking services was supposed to be the 1st of November and then later revised to November 18th. With the work yet to be completed, it seems like it will be extended yet again for the third time in Chandigarh.

What the Smart Parking Facilities Have On Offer?

The smart parking facility in Chandigarh will supposedly minimise parking woes in the city but only if you are pre-planning your visit. You will be able to buy a parking spot for yourself in any of the 25 designated parking spaces in Chandigarh via an app on your iOS or Android smartphones.

Ticketing will be handled by e-ticketing machines and boom barriers will ensure that your vehicle does not leave the smart parking space without authorisation. The contract for setting these smart parkings in 25 different areas of Chandigarh was given to a single firm which apparently employs 650 men for the same. These areas will also come under high surveillance security cameras for ensuring the security of your vehicle.

A meeting of the firm’s top executives has been scheduled which will take note of the progress made in the smart parkings of Chandigarh. The final rates for parking your vehicle here will also be discussed at the same meeting.

Smart Parking will minimise your parking problems in Chandigarh

Smart parking in Chandigarh although a welcome facility in the city will only help to curb your parking woes if you plan your trip in advance. In a few areas like Sector 17 or Sector 26 of Chandigarh the parking is hardly available on the weekends. So if the smart parking spot is booked by some other person in advance via the app, you still won’t be able to park your vehicle in their spot even if it’s available at that given point of time in Chandigarh.

Source: Tribune

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