Heer (New Punjabi Song) Inderjit Nikku | Official video

Inderjit Nikku has hit Youtube once again with his latest song Heer. Inderjit Nikku’s Heer is a duet song and singer Inderjit Nikku has teamed up with Renu Jagotra for this heart touching song. Inderjit Nikku and Renu Jagotra’s – Heer is a captivating love song that relives the eternal love saga of Heer-Ranjha. The song Heer sung by Inderjit Nikku and Renu Jagotra plays the love strings and creates a harmonious love environ for the listeners. Inderjit Nikku’s Heer has been penned down by Jassi Duneke and the soul touching music composition has been created by TonnE.

Heer – Inderjit Nikku and Renu Jagotra

Heer - Inderjit Nikku

Song : Heer
Singer : Inderjit Nikku & Renu Jagotra
Lyrics : Jassi Duneke
Music : TonnE

Inderjit Nikku’s Heer – Reliving Heer Ranjha epic

Known for his dance, turban and beautiful picturization Inderjit Nikku’s Heer too follows the same footsteps. The song has a lot of slow motion sequences and it has been shot to give it a through Punjabi touch. The song is a part of Inderjit Nikku’s movie Attwadi Kaun? The song in the movie may follow a different situation but as per the song released on Youtube it seems a very engrossing song. The opening couplet Heer diya khushiyan te tere naal ranjheya, that would mean Heer’s happiness resides in Ranjha, depicts the love between two souls. The song Heer opens with a scene at the Gurudwara which is followed by another scene at the mature wheat fields donning the striking golden color wherein the love birds are seen in cuddling moments. The cobbled paths, ox cart, kids playing in the corridors, a herd of sheep and other such props give the song a very rustic touch of the rural Punjab. An amalgamation of striking sceneries, heart touching words and soothing music, the song Heer by Inderjit Nikku & Renu Jagotra is being appreciated across the world.

Inderjit Nikku’s Heer | Official video

About Inderjit Nikku’s movie Attwadi Kaun? 

It appears from the trailer of Inderjit Nikku’s movie Attwadi Kaun that it revolves around an incident that forces the protagonist to become a terrorist. It is even possible that the story may have some real life incidences that may have some connection to Punjab.



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