India to Get Good Rainfall This Monsoon Season | Predicts IMD

‘Everyone Loves Good Rain!’ Here in India, we always look towards moderate to heavy showers in the monsoon as the entire agricultural output depends on it. Also the majority of areas in the Indian topography that have hot and humid climate almost all throughout the year, anxiuosly wait for mosoon to provide them some respite.

Well, it’s time to make merry, as this year the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted to receive 100% monsoon unlike the 96% that occurred last year. As per the IMD, the anticipated rains will be above the average type and will result in the higher economic growth of the country due to better farm- based income.

How did IMD conclude to have good monsoon this year

The new development on the El Nino predicts that the rainfall during monsoon will be normal this year which means in between 96 and 104 % of the long period average (LPA). The monsoon LPA prediction in between 104-110 % is considered ‘above normal’ while anything below 96 % is counted as ‘below normal.’

The IMD has for the first time used the Britan discovered the statistical method, jettisoning to get the accurate weather forecasts. If the experts are to be believed, the computation of better forecasting system can help India to raise its agricultural output up to 15 %. The better and accurate prediction, of rain, storm, and hail will help the farmers to sow in the right time and spray fertilizers in right time.

Indian crops that critically depends on the monsoon

The majority of the farmers here in India grow their crops depending mainly upon the monsoon for irrigation. Crops like rice, wheat, cotton, soybean and sugar cane are the prime crops that are grown in India requires a lot of water for irrigation but 70% of the land yielding these crops lack water as the resource.

A good monsoon will be a boon for the farmers, which will bring prosperity in the nation and will increase the per capita income of the country amongst world’s economy. Let’s wish that the prediction turns out to be true and we may rank amongst the biggest producers of rice, sugarcane, wheat and cotton in the world.


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