India | New Rs. 200 Currency Note Images Appear on Social Media

Rs. 200 note might be the new note added to the currency notes in India. After new 500 and 2000 notes which came recently, it’s time to have a look at the new Rs. 200 note. The new currency Rs. 200 note of India pictures are getting viral on social media and are also getting shared on WhatsApp. If these reports are to be believed, then we might soon have Rs. 200 note in the system.

As per reports, the Reserve Bank of India has already announced that Rs. 200 notes will be introduced. It is expected that the printing of the new Rs. 200 notes could begin in a couple of months and it would be in the market around June 2017,

Real Rs. 200 Notes Or Just Rumours?

The RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) board meeting happened in March. During the meeting, the bank decided to come up with new Rs. 200 notes. Though the decision has been made to come up with new notes but no official confirmation has been received from RBI so far.

The new Rs. 200 notes are all set to be introduced. The printing process will start once the central government gives the instructions.

Till the time central government does not instruct, the printing process and security features work of Rs. 200 currency notes would not start. The Reserve Bank Of India would implement the plan of bringing Rs. 200 currency notes once they are notified by the central government. As per sources, it is expected that new Rs. 1000 currency notes will also be issued by the government.

The Excitement For The New Rs. 200 Currency Notes

There is a lot of excitement among the people of India for the upcoming Rs. 200 currency notes. A lot of people expressed their excitement on the social media sites. People are also wondering what colour it would be.

The demonetization started after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech which took place on November 8, 2016. After the demonetization drive, new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 currency notes were introduced and Rs. 1000 currency notes were demolished. The new currency notes have been made according to international standards. In order to stop the duplicity of notes, the new currency notes come with enhanced security feature and it is expected that the new Rs. 200 note will have some improved security features.

The government has also planned to change the security features of higher denomination banknotes after every 3-4 years. By changing the security features, India won’t be facing the fake currency problem.

Image Source = Business Today


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