India is Now The 2nd Largest Smart Phone Market in The World & Here’re Most Sold Ones

India just overtook the United States to become the second largest smartphone market in the world thanks to the plethora of new mobile phone launches in the country. India is now second only to China in the race for the home for largest smartphone market in the world. Forty million new mobile phones were shipped to India this year as opposed to Twenty Three million in the same quarter last year. Most major mobile companies are eager to get their new mobile phones in India as early as possible. Recently India became one of the first countries to get the new mobile phone iPhone X by Apple.

Most of the new mobiles shipped to India are by Chinese manufacturers:

China accounted for more than half shipments of new mobile phones in India this year. The Chinese giant Xiaomi and Samsung are fighting for the top spot in India though, Xiaomi has a slightly higher share. Vivo which is another key Chinese manufacturer comes in third in terms of new mobile phones shipped in India.

Xiaomi announced last month that it sold over 10 million new mobile phones in India thanks to the immensely popular new mobiles like the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4. Samsung is a close second with 9.2 million new mobiles shipped to India this year. The main sales for the Korean brand come from the mid-segment new mobile phones like the J series and the ON series.

India is also one of the only markets for some manufacturers:

Though the Indian born manufacturers like Micromax are hugely popular for their new mobile phones in India, it is also the home for Chinese manufacturers like Oneplus. Oneplus is a Chinese brand which started the sale of its new mobile phones in India a few years ago. Since then it has been going very strong with almost being undisputed in the 30-38 thousand Rupee segment.

Oneplus does not launch its new mobile phones in many countries of Europe and Central America. The key focus for Oneplus has always been China and India for their new mobile phones. Another key Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi calls India their primary focus when it comes to the sales of their new mobile phone devices.

Source: IndiaTimes


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