India International Trade Fair Delhi Receives Huge Crowd | Here’e a Glimpse

India International Trade Fair [IITF] has opened its gate at Pagati Maidan, Delhi to Public today. Since the morning the rush in the Pragati Maidan for the Indian International Trade Fair has spoken a thousand words of success. Day 1 of this IITF in Delhi has been going really well for the traders. Although the space allocated to the fair in Pragati Maidan, Delhi still the fair has been going really well according to several media reports and visitor reviews.

Day 1 of Indian International Trade Fair in Delhi a Big Success 

As the gates of the Indian International Trade Fair Opened for Public the joy among the people raised. The gates of this mesmerizing Fair is open from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM from today. The traders and exhibitors have been worried regarding the location of the fair as the Pragati Maidan has been under construction. With the reduced space and area for the fair, the stalls, halls, and hangars are forced into a straight line from the gate making it feasible for the public to walk through every stall. With this reduced space, people are easily able to cover every stall held in the fair.

With many positive reviews and happy faces, the Day 1 at IITF, Delhi has been going really well. According to the reviews, the complete fair can now be covered within one daytime duration patiently.

Tickets to this IITF 2017 at Delhi 

According to the recent reports, the tickets are not available at the gates of the Pragati Maidan and Metro station near it this year. This year the capped number of daily visitors are counted to be 60,000. The tickets for the IITF Delhi has to booked in Advance either online or other metro stations. Although the fair has been open since 14th November the gates were only open to businessmen and traders for first four days. According to the visitor’s reviews, the food stalls in the fair are amazing and the taste of the authentic cuisines from all around the world will pull you to the land of flavors.

Where Hall 7 has all the Indian seasoning there, Hall number 18 has been immigrated by the foreign taste of products and food. So, what are you waiting for? Put on the best shoes and grab a taste of the exquisite Indian International Trade Fair in Delhi. Timings for the trade fair is 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Source – Hindustan Times 


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