Indian Railways may offer Discounts like Airlines and Hotels | Here’s All You Need to Know

The Indian Railways is thinking to bring a discount policy similar to that used by the Airlines and Hotels to attract more customers. Indian Railways may soon offer discounts on tickets in case the seats are not fully booked. Such a move by the Indian railways will lead to a full revamp of the flexible fare scheme. The Railway Board has framed a committee of six members for the reviewing of the flexi-fare scheme.

Things you should know about Railway Discounts

Till now Railway has been focusing on dynamic pricing policy. The Railway minister Piyush Goyal told that Indian Railway is thinking to go a step ahead of the Flexi-fare system and offer discounts when trains are not booked fully. It may also use the pricing policy similar to hotels. The hotels first keep their prices low, then increase the prices too high and then offer discounts on vacant rooms through online websites like and others.

Railways may offer benefits other than Railway Discounts

The railways may offer discounts on the trains with low reservations of seats, just like hotels and airlines offer last minute discounts on vacant rooms and seats. The six-member committee to review flexi face scheme has been asked to make more attractive schemes that offers loyalty and other benefits to the customers. The committee will also try to modify the present system to offer flexible rates during high and low rush and on weekends and festivals.

The flexi fare system was launched in September 2016 that had led to 50% rise in train fares. Under the flexi fare scheme, the base fares rises from 10 to 50 percent with every 10 percent bookings of berths. The Indian railways lost passengers with several berths left vacant due to increase in fares.

The Railway minister suggested that railways should follow the way used by Airlines to maintain their Airplane within a period of 30 minutes. He said that a trip between Delhi and Mumbai should be completed within 11 hours with 30 minutes for maintenance on each side so that a round trip would become possible. The Minister also told that Indian Railway is already on the Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani Express for a round trip.



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