Indian Railways is Offers Rs.10,000 to IRCTC Users Account For Linking Aadhar | Check Full Details Here

Check main highlights of the cash prize of Rs. 10,000 Indian Railways is providing to the IRCTC Users to link their Aadhar Card.

According to a circular which has been issued by the Indian Railways, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is extending a cash prize offer to its users when they link their respective Aadhar Card numbers to their IRCTC accounts. The Indian Railways cash prize scheme was introduced in January 2018 and is valid until the month of June 2018.

All the users who have their journey commencing in the calendar months guiding the scheme are eligible for the ‘Lucky Draw Scheme’. This is a very interesting cash prize offer which has been formulated by the Indian Railways so that more and more people link their Aadhar Cards with their respective IRCTC accounts.

IRCTC Cash Prize Offer | Check Eligibility 

All the registered users who have successfully authenticated themselves by the Aadhar KYC and have booked a minimum of one PNR which stands for the Passenger Name Records, the journey of whom shall commence from the calendar month of the cash prize are eligible for that particular month only. The booked PNR of the Aadhar authenticated users clear the eligibility where the user’s profile name should match with the name of one of the passengers stated on the booked PNR.

Whereas, the cancelled, as well as the TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt), filed PNRs for all the non-travellers are not eligible for the ‘Lucky Draw  Scheme’ offer by the IRCTC. Also, if more than a single PNR of the user gets selected, a single PNR shall be considered in the calendar month of the lucky draw scheme whereas, the same user still shall be eligible for the IRCTC ‘Lucky Draw Scheme’ for another calendar month.

All the winners of the ‘Lucky Draw Scheme’ shall be awarded a cash prize worth Rs. 10,000 and will also be subject to a refund of the full amount of the train fare once the verification procedure is completely done by IRCTC. Whereas, IRCTC holds the right to disqualify as well as discontinue any of the users without stating a reason or going for a prior intimidation.

How To Know & Check Winners of IRCTC Cash Prize Offer 

Every month, under the IRCTC ‘Lucky Draw Scheme’, 5 lucky users shall be selected with the help of a computerised random lucky draw process. The winners shall be provided with a cash prize upto Rs. 10,000 along with a refund after the verification is done properly.

All the lucky passengers who will be winning the ‘Lucky Draw Scheme’, their names shall be displayed on the official website of IRCTC in the first week of the following calendar month which shall be done after the verification of certain details like email address, mobile number, user id etc.


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