New Changes in Indian Railways Tatkal Tickets Booking – All You Should Know

Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has changed the norms regarding the tatkal ticket booking. Although the service was started by the Indian Railways to make it easy for the travellers to book train tickets on urgent basis. And on the season or during rush hours, booking of tatkal tickets has been carried out too fast in the popular routes.

To make it easy for the travellers to book tatkal tickets without any hustle bustle from now onwards, IRCTC has changed some norms for the same. Check out what changes Indian Railways have made in regards to the tatkal booking of the tickets below.

Here’s what new norms regarding booking of IRCTC tatkal ticket says-

Ahead of Summer vacations, IRCTC has rolled out changes in the provision of tatkal ticket booking to avoid rush during the same. And here are the new norms of IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking-

  • Traveler has to book the ticket one day prior to the journey date. And the booking will start at 10 am for AC coaches & for the sleeper, it will start from 11 am onwards.
  • In case of the 3 hours or late of the train, one can claim a full return on the charges of the tatkal ticket.
  • One can also claim full return if the routes of the train have been diverted.
  • The passenger can also file a return if he/she has been shifted to the lower class on the train. And even if the passenger agrees to travel in lower class, then also Railway will pay the difference amount back.
  • Also, the authorized travel agents have been barred for 30 minutes for the booking of the tatkal tickets from the actual time of the booking.
  • There will be no refund of the cancellation of the confirmed tatkal ticket. Whereas refund will only be valid on the waitlist/ RAC tickets that too if cancelled 30 minutes before to the scheduled departure of the train.
  • One can now book tatkal tickets on first cum first serve basis through PRS (Passenger Reservation System).

Also to get rid of the fraudulent bookings, IRCTC has introduced many changes in the booking page as well via which the passenger can only book the tatkal in the allotted time only.

So from now onwards if you are looking to book your train tickets on an urgent basis (tatkal) then it’s gonna be tough. But for sure the changes made by the Indian Railways has been awaited & beneficial for the passengers.


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