Instagram Strategy to Boost your Brand

One of the ways to boost your business is by purchasing likes and followers on Instagram. In present times of cut-throat competition, it is vital to have a superb social media strategy in case you want your brand to grow. Approximately 500 million users browse Instagram each day and if you have an effective Instagram promotion system scaling the profitability charts won’t be a tough call.

It is extremely vital to propel brand engagement on Instagram especially in current times of digital marketing. In fact, it is all about finding your way through the algorithm. In this article, we will tell you about a few strategies and tips that can boost user engagement. Instagram regularly changes this algorithm and presently it is concentrating on certain kinds of posts.

Several leading companies purchase likes and followers as this can lead to the growth of their brand. Mentioned below are some tips that can do wonders for your brand:

Update Instagram Bio– There is a reason behind creating this bio section. A lot of people do not concentrate on this section. But if you wish to optimize your page you must add the following points in your Instagram bio

  • Link to the website
  • Business Hashtag
  • Accurate description about what do you do

Add Content on Instagram Stories Every Day– Instagram stories play a vital role in drawing traffic to your site. IG story should be content-driven as it leads to a sharp rise in popularity. Add pictures of the product you are selling, videos, crisp description to fuel the interest of viewers, etc. You can also introduce features such as GIFs, location, and polls. This will definitely propel engagement and do wonders for your brand.

Regular Posting of Video Content- Instagram is a huge fan of video content. Make sure that one video is posted on your Instagram handle in a day. You can even go about reposting a viral video as this will drive a huge amount of audience to your brand’s handle. For instance, if you sell sneakers, you can post videos that promote the use of sneakers. There are several video editing apps that can help you create professional videos.

Concentrate on Right Time to Post Content– You should be aware of what is the best time to post content. Try to stick to a specific schedule.  3 PM is considered as the best time to post any kind of content. The more active your handle the more attention it will gather. The main focus should be on creating quality content and rest everything will ultimately fall into place.

So, these are some points that you should keep in mind as this will definitely boost your brand’s engagement. Be consistent and results will surely fall.


Ajay Deep

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