International Yoga Day‬ 2017 | 60,000 People in ‪Mysuru ‪Create Guinness World Record

‬‬Mysuru, widely recognised as the yoga capital of the country, is geared up to create a Guinness world record on the occasion of International Yoga Day on June 21 by organising a special yoga programme with the highest number of participants ever recorded. The Mysuru race track is considered the venue for the record making event. The previous holder of the world record for the highest number of people (38,000) doing yoga at one place is India Gate in Delhi, followed by Vidyashala in Tamil Nadu.

Mysore is all set for the record-breaking programme with an expected 65000 people performing a synchronised art of yoga on June 21 on the Third International YOGA DAY. Rehearsals for the mega event began June 18 at the pre-decided venue of the programme where about 250 highly skilled instructors are appointed. The major participants of the event are students from all over the city. However, the city welcomed open participation from the interested public.

Features of Yoga Event at Mysuru

The glorifying feature of the event remains the participation of around 40 visually challenged yoga enthusiasts performing yoga exercise at one place. About 19 yoga asanas will be performed by the students in a circular arrangement for the record, forming the largest Yoga chain and over 15 types of exercises will be performed as part of warm up session.

The occasion is aimed at highlighting the importance of yoga in our lives and imbibing the essential routine. Asans including tadasana, vrukshasana, paadahasthaasana, ardhachakaraasana, trilokasana, samadandasana, bhadrasana, vajrasan, shaankasana will be performed. Later, a pranayama, dhyana, and sankalpa sessions will be held.

Venue: Race Course, Mysuru

Time: 6 AM to 8 AM

60,000 People to Attempt World Record on International Yoga Day in Mysuru

The Race Course in Mysuru has a capacity to accommodate more than 70,000 people. About 60,000 people are expected to perform on 21st June to break the records. the said programme is being organised with joint efforts put in by the Mysore administration and the State Tourism. The Collaboration is leaving no stone unturned for the event and aims at delivering the best performance, with provisions of best-skilled instructors, daily practice arrangements, morning refreshments and proper drinking facilities.

Image: Indian Express



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