After iPhone 8 & iPhone X – The Next iPhones Models To Be Launched in 2018 Might Get Dual SIM Slots

According to the sources, Apple has been working on a new feature for iPhone to launch next year. As per the rumors, Apple is planning to embed iPhone with a dual SIM feature by next year. Prior to the information that iPhones are going to get dual SIM slots from next year, the information regarding the launch of 3 new models came out this month. As per some of the reliable sources, Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones next year that are going to design similar to the iPhone X-like design language.

iPhones To Get Dual SIM Slots by 2018

Taking into consideration the information provided by some of the reliable sources, Apple is planning to launch three new models of iPhone next year. The good news in this is that finally, Apple is going to bring the Dual SIM slot for its new models. Also, after the legal battle going on between Qualcomm and Apple, Apple is turning its way to Intel for designing of Modems. It is not that Apple will have no ties with Qualcomm but the rumor has it that 70-80% of the Apple Modems are going to be designed by Intel from next year.

Being said, now you will see Intel’s XMM 7560 along with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X20 Modems in 2018 models of Apple iPhones. Both these modems will be designed to support 4×4 MIMO technology enabling the LTE transmissions to speed up.

Also, if we believe in the India Today platform, by next year that is 2018, the era of Apple to start manufacturing dual SIM dual Standby and Dual LTE will begin. Also, you can see the LTE + LTE supported iPhones rather than the LTE + 3G supporting models by next year. This will be the amazing turns of the event that will help Apple users to enjoy the services of both the SIMs at the same instant of time. This is impeccable news for all the Apple fans, as it is the first time that Apple is going to bring forth the dual SIM, dual LTE feature in their upcoming iPhone models.

So, let’s see whether the news is true or not. But if it is true many of us will be glad to enjoy the dual SIM feature on iPhone.

Source – India Today


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