iPhone X Vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Should You Get Apple’s best or The Best of Android?

With the fight for the top honor in the premium smartphone market has started between the flagship smartphones of the Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone X. With the launch of iPhone X in the country, the rival phone-makers have now launched their best products into the markets of India. The Google Pixel 2 is available for sale on Flipkart and is also available in all the major retail stores, while the newly released Apple iPhone X is out of stock on both the e-commerce giants and one has to hunt down the offline retailer stores.

The premium phones with the hefty price tags are considered to be the best choice if one wants to buy the absolute best.  The Google Pixel 2 XL, priced at Rs. 73,000 is considered to be the best Android device ever made while the Apple iPhone X with the price tag of Rs. 89,000 is the best iPhone ever made in the digital history.

The more expensive Apple iPhone X is the better choice to buy when compared to the Google Pixel 2 if one’s not a big fan of Android. Besides the software difference in both the devices, there is nothing where the Google flagship mobile can beat the Apple’s best. iOS 11 is thought to be not as functional or flexible as Android Oreo, but for the majority of the users, this may not matter. Apple iPhone X will delight you more with its design and the perfect security feature, the FaceID.

Factors which make the Apple iPhone X a better choice than the Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 may have a bigger screen than the Apple iPhone X, but if we talk about its quality and features, Pixel 2 lags a lot from the iPhone X. This is because the iOS handles colors better and Apple usually calibrates its iPhone displays for perfection.

The iPhone X is powered by the A11 Bionic processor, which is known to be the fastest processor ever seen. It does not mean that the Google Pixel 2 has a slow processor by any measure, but Apple’s products are known to be the more future-proof with the ultra-smooth performance.

The FaceID and the Animated emojis of the Apple iPhone X are something that is thoroughly enjoyed by the users and make people feel more secure, which is why the iPhone  X is a better choice.

Although, this is just what we and the critics think of the smartphones, and everyone has a different opinion. So go ahead and pick the best choice according to your personal choices.


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