Irfan Pathan Trolled Over Social Media for Posting Picture of His Wife

You’ll be shocked to know why Irfan Pathan is getting trolled over social media for posting his wife’s picture on Facebook and Instagram. Irfan Pathan is regarded one of the ace bowlers of the Indian cricket team who has represented country many times on the domestic playground and overseas.

But lately, he seems to be in great trouble as he hasn’t got a chance to play for the Indian cricket team since his last stint in October 2012 T20I. And now, Irfan Pathan and his wife are being shamed by a handful of people on the social media for posting an un-Islamic picture.

Why is Irfan Pathan trolled for posting his wife’s picture on social media

Yesterday, Irfan Pathan posted his selfie along with his wife Safa Baig, clad in a hijab inside the car with a description, “This girl is trouble #love #wifey”. By late evening, the picture of Irfan Pathan fetched over 2.45 lakh likes, 11,000 comments, and 4,000 shares. Many liked the picture and blessed the couple but a handful of Muslim followers of the cricketer flooded the Instagram and Facebook account of Irfan Pathan with criticism. Many termed it as against Islam and had even criticized Irfan Pathan of publicizing his wife to the world by showing her nail painted hands, her half arms and an eye on social media.

Safa Baig, whom Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan married in February 2016 is one of the most successful Saudi Arabian model. The couple has dated each for over two years before they tied the nuptial knot in Mecca.

Others who faced similar criticism as Irfan Pathan did

This is not the first time when a celebrity of Islamic cult is shamed by the other people of same religion and clergies for violating Islamic rules. Last year, another cricketer Mohammed Shami was trolled over social media for posting his wife’s picture in western outfit along with their son. In fact, Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis player was criticized for wearing a short skirt on the court while playing and many actresses of India and of Pakistan origin who work in our country.

We hope that people will understand that posting a picture of his wife on social media is nothing un-Islamic that Irfan Pathan did. Everyone has the right to live free and we all should respect everyone’s freedom.



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