Irrfan Khan Signs His 4th Major Hollywood Movie “Puzzle” | Know Story, Cast & Details

Irrfan Khan signs his fourth Hollywood movie “Puzzle” whose shooting begins in the month of May in New York soon. After achieving heights of success in his previous Hollywood projects that brought him “global recognition” as a star actor from India, the list of Irrfan Khan’s Hollywood projects simply rules the Industry with none in the league to even compete against him. The star actor Irrfan Khan’s modesty nails it and what we say is, his fourth major Hollywood movie “Puzzle” directed by Marc Turtletaub has already created waves in the entire nation and the world even way before the shoot is to start the movie. Now, that’s what we call as “enjoying the true Stardom”.

About the Hollywood movie “Puzzle”

Directed by Marc Turtletaub with starring alongside Kelly Macdonald and David Denman, the fifty-year-old actor Irrfan Khan still doesn’t boast about his achievements. We love him for his modesty which reveals his “stardom” effects that create ripples around the world for he believes his work speaks wonders and way more than he himself does. Keeping things straight and not boasting about doesn’t mean he ain’t proud. Having a fourth Hollywood full-fledged movie in his bag, the actor is one of the most successful actors in the Industry today.

Irrfan Khan in “Puzzle”, The Storyline

Irrfan Khan was extremely fascinated by the story line which depicts a woman in her middle-aged life finding the true calling of her life amidst all the chaos. Finding one’s owns self amongst when everything is going forth in an opposite direction and sticking by it, simply is motivating. The concept is true, relatable and pretty “humane” when it comes to catering to human emotions.

Here’s what the story of Irrfan Khan’s Hollywood project looks like. The middle-aged woman who is a mother in her forties discovers herself in bits. Commanding her attention 24×7 the male members of the house, she finds that her “intrinsic” god gifted approach of assembling puzzles is way beyond imagination. Making other family members adjust to her newly found hidden untapped passion, the journey of the woman is truly inspiring in the movie. The rare concept and distinctive movie of Irrfan Khan is all set to begin its shooting towards the May end month in New York, USA.

Behind the curtains of “Puzzle”

A lot takes when a 3-hour movie is made. Huge investment in time, good people, behind the scenes amazing journey, star cast, selection, audition, artists, creative writers, directors, sound and the unending list goes on and on. Here’s who all would invest their blood and sweat in the making of the amazing movie “Puzzle” directed by Marc Turtletaub.

Director: Marc Turtletaub

Star cast:  Irrfan KhaN, Kelly Macdonald and David Denman

Scriptwriters: Oren Moverman & Annie Baker

“Puzzle” which is indeed an adaptation and remake of  Rompecabezas which is an Argentine film released in the year 2010, i.e. seven years ago from now was originally directed by Natalia Smirnoff. The movie had dined so well globally that its laurels are traced back to bagging the nomination of the world famous the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival then.

Let us see where our Indian star Irrfan Khan’s contribution to the “Puzzle” would take it in future. All we wish is the best to him and applaud him for taking the Hindi Cinema Industry on the global platform at the same time congratulating him for bagging his fourth Hollywood project by virtue of his sheer determination and vitality that he puts in his work.

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