Is it a good option to choose “pay at hotel” for an online hotel booking

Pay upon Check-in is about payment elasticity! Guests canprotect a booking without paying immediately. In its place, guests will pay the complete amount during their stay at the lodging, either by cash or card.  To check in to Book Your Own Hotels, show your lodging voucher to the hotel’s desk staff. Then pay the complete amount in currency either by cash or card. The recognized payment methods may differ, so check your voucher to see which methods the accommodation prefers, and if you need the receipt, ask the front desk to give the receipt of your payment.

Our services:

We provide travellers with complete lodging choices by sourcing lists directly from hotels as well as customer sites.We also provide flexible payment for hotel bookings, counting the option to prepay at checkout or provide payment at the time of stay. 

Prepay options

A Prepay room is charged at checkout time and it covers the whole cost of the hotel booking. However, a credit card is required upon check-in for incidental charges with all hotels. If there are no additional charges for the room rate disclosed in the terms, like other fees, local tax, or ancillaries, there will be no extra charges made. 

Pay at Hotel option

A Pay at a hotel room is made at the hotel upon check-in, at the pleasure of the hotel. A credit card is obligatory to reserve the room but will not be charged previous to your stay at the hotel. A credit card must also be on condition that upon check-in for the cost of the room andany incidentals. For example, when a personal credit card is used for business travel, travellers can outlay the cost of booking rendering to their company policy. 

A card authorization form will be repeatedly sent to the hotel property to approve the charges to the virtual card. This removes the need for the traveller to give a physical form of payment while granting them the skill to select pay at the hotel list. In the case that a traveller needs to re-send the form to the hotel possessions, they can do so by following the steps charted in this article. 

Book Now, Pay Later option

Making a hotel reservation nowadays has never been this easy! Now, book a hotel instantly by paying some amount of the total price onour website and the rest of the amount at the hotel. So, choose from our hotels which follow covid norms across various cities and make your bookings worry-free with us.

How does this option work?

  • Choose our hotel and pay some of the prices in advance to approve the booking.
  • Our team or hotelier might call you to confirm the booking.
  • Check in and pay the rest of the amount straight at the hotel.
  • Double vaccination certificate for Covid is mandatory at the time of check out.

We have discussed here the various aspects of online booking with the pay at hotel option. It is up to the reader to choose and act accordingly as per convenience.


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