Is it safe to eat Maggi in Chandigarh? Know what UT food safety cell says

With the recent news about Maggi making headlines in newspapers and on TV channels, people just have one question in mind that is it safe to eat Maggi or not? Chandigarh Administration and the UT food safety cell have come up with an official statement after they tested few Maggi samples from across the city. Here is a brief analysis of the situation and the results of the test reports conducted by Chandigarh government on Maggi samples.

A brief about the Maggi news:

It has been said that Maggi Noodles contain high volume of lead which is dangerous if consumed by humans. Apart from lead it is also said to have mono-sodium glutamate, commonly known as MSG which is used as a taste enhancer by Nestle India for its entire Maggi range. MSG is also considered to be harmful for human consumption.

However, Nestle India has challenged these statements and have said that Maggi is up to the standards and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Various state governments across India have already stared the procedure of collecting Maggi samples and testing hem for lead and MSG.

Maggi Samples tested by Chandigarh Administration:

Chandigarh Administration swung into action as soon as the news about Maggi came and ordered testing of samples from various distributors in the city. Maggi samples were collected and they have been tested at a government laboratory in Sector 11. The samples were collected from distributors in Industrial area phase 1, phase 2 and Dariya village.

What UT Food Safety Cell Says about consuming Maggi in Chandigarh?

According to the reports of the conducted tests, the food safety cell of Chandigarh Administration has given a clean chit to Maggi as no exceeded quantity of lead was found in the samples. Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, a designated officer in the UT Food Safety Cell told the media that no lapses were found in the Maggi samples.

However, Chandigarh Administration has also ordered to collect more samples and test them for lead and MSG presence.

Apart from Chandigarh, Maharashtra government and the Goa government have also given a clean chit to Maggi. If you are still wondering weather you should eat Maggi or not then we would suggest you to wait until a final decision is taken by the Government of India.

News Source: Business Standard


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