Is The MYVI GT A Green Car? What Makes It Economical?

Myvi gt 2018 came with plenty of changes. From the exterior, interior to the engine, every part had a new facelift. The most striking upgrade was featured in the DOHC Dual VVT-i petrol engine. It’s was expertly engineered to make Myvi gt a green car. And by introducing Eco Idle System, the cars fuel consumption was reduced by a great margin. Equally, the Perodua hatchback carbon emission rate per kilometre is now minimal. 

In their bid to manufacture a greener car that attempted to comply with all EEV standards, MYVI GT received a host of advanced safety systems.  Even though it’s the brand new colour that attracted mass attention, the 100 % top head is among Perodua’s rare design. 

MYVI GT Is Compliant With EEV Standards

EEV which stands for “Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle” is a common standard set for vehicles in the European Union. It’s meant to ensure vehicles like MYVI emit low carbon, consume low fuel and are well equipped with safety systems. 

During the manufacturing of this Perodua hatchback, enforcement of Euro 4 Standards was already active. Manufacturing an efficient car was at the stage and so it satisfies all the Euro 4 regulations. From the aerodynamic design to the two engine options, you can guess its efficiency.

To make the 2018 MYVI GT a greener, safer and fuel economical hatchback, Perodua improved on the following features;

  • Exterior design 

Friction is among the factors that can increase or decrease the rate of fuel consumption. To reduce friction, MYVI adopted the aerodynamic dynamic design. Just like the Hyundai Kona, this car’s drag coefficient is kept at its lowest rate by giving the car a sleek design.

Besides reducing the drag force by making the frontal area wedged they also introduced side skirting that runs on both sides to prevent airflow from flowing underneath the chassis. They are further made more effective by having them closer to the ground as much as possible.  

At the front bumper is a car splitter aided by another splitter-like extension just above it reduces air pressure build-up underneath the car. If air pressure builds underneath the car, the front part becomes lighter thus decreasing the cars attraction force which leads to low efficiency.

The air pressure is directed upwards and by flowing over the car, the car lift is reduced resulting in positive downforce and increasing attraction force. This makes the MYVI more efficient.

  • ECO Idle System  

Do you know your car continues to release carbon emissions when idling and is harmful to human health and climate? And as the car continues to emit carbon when idling, it also consumes fuel. This isn’t the case in the modern MYVI GT. Thanks to the ECO Idle System otherwise called the stop-start system. 

It’s the ECO Idle System which by large extend qualifies the MYVI to be a green car. It makes the engine stop sparks and fuel consumption when then breaks are applied and the clutch released. This minimizes fuel consumption rate and carbon emissions. It’s until you release the breaks of this hatchback and press the clutch, that the engine starts to spark the fuel.

  • Security Systems 

By equipping MYVI with security systems like Traction Control, Hill-Start Assist and Vehicle Stability Control, fuel economy is enhanced. And by combining these systems with the ECO Idle System, this car is safer than ever before. Having been awarded a 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating, Malaysians can now drive MYVI with more confidence. 


Without any doubt, MYVI GT is among the most economical hatchbacks to drive on Malaysian roads. Other than saving big on fuel and assured safety, this car offers a flexible seating arrangement capable of multiplying the cargo space 5 times.


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