ISB Mohali North Campus Completes 5 Years in Punjab | Brings The State On Centre Stage Spotlight

Indian School of Business (ISB) in Mohali, also called as the North Campus of ISB completes its 5 years of existence in the Punjab state’s education city of Mohali. Being the second campus of ISB in India after ISB Hyderabad in the Telangana state, ISB Mohali with a new establishment boasts of quality education, 100% placements and amicable learning environment to aspirants who strive forth to acquire business ethics and management skills under the able guidance of well learned and experienced faculty of Indian School of Business in Mohali.

ISB Mohali (Punjab) North Campus Completes 5 Years

With its first ever campus in India. ISB Hyderabad in Telangana established in the year 2001, who could imagine a private B-School could surpass Harvard, Oxford what to talk of Indian B-schools teaching management courses in various disciplines. Completing 5 years of its new and latest establishment located in the State of Punjab in the city of Education called ‘Mohali’, the beautifully designed and well-crafted campus is a sight worth drooling over. Termed as the ‘Engine of Growth for the Punjab state’, ISB Mohali caters to a wide variety of management programmes and student clubs in its campus in Punjab state.

ISB Mohali North Campus: Highlights

The thoughtfully designed infrastructure of the B-school in Mohali, ISB Mohali proudly boasts of various salient features in its campus. Rightly said, If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Going by the same notion, take an inside tour of ISB Mohali in below-mentioned points.

  • Tall buildings made of glass with world class facilities in the campus, that’s ISB Mohali for you
  • Well maintained decent gardens wherein students are not allowed to wear footwear on the grass from being tempered
  • Strict disciplinary rules and regulations for quality education in Management courses at ISB Mohali
  • ISB Mohali campus boasts of four research institutes run by industry giants in their respective fields
  • The four contributors are Max Institute of Healthcare Management, Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management, Bharti Institute of Public Policy and last but not the least, Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing at ISB Mohali campus
  • The big shots are giving major industry goals to such premier educational institutes of the nation with ISB Mohali being one

Established in 2012, ISB Mohali turns 5 in 2017 this year. Time flies indeed! Who knew an educational institute imparting MBA degrees to aspirants after graduation opening up its second such B-School of repute would bring so many laurels to the state where it has been established? Punjab state has its gem now, and Ladies and Gentlemen, its none other than ISB Mohali.

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