It Involves a Lot More Than Beautiful OOTDS on Instagram – Anchal Bhardwaj

A Delhi girl, Anchal is the talk of the fashion and lifestyle town. She is famous for her creative and beautiful pictures spread all over the Internet. Anchal’s life stands on the fact “where there is no struggle, there is no strength”. She says it involves a lot more than beautiful OOTDS on Instagram.

When she started blogging she experienced a lot of ups and downs. It was a life-changing phase of her life. She was not a morning person, but since shooting early morning is a part of her work. She had to change her habits which not only includes her morning routine but her daily activities like eating right, working out, managing her social media and editorial parts. Before she leaves her apartment she post her first picture of the day on her social media. According to her a picture looks very attractive and easy to the audience but it takes a lot more than that, A pre-planned shoot location, photographer, concept, outfits and after that it takes much more time in editing.

On the other hand, she was not at all welcomed by the fellow bloggers as she was very new in her initial time. She felt very discouraged as she knew nothing about the industry, many of the bloggers misguided her but after all, she says it was a part of her learning. She is confident, energetic and enthusiastic because of all that she came across.

Gradually she earned that respect and importance in her profession. She said even though her days are packed with shoots and meetings she loves every second of it and wouldn’t change it her old lazy days.


Ajay Deep

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