It is Right for Talent Like Lok Bista (Loka Music) to Enter Bollywood With His Rap Music

If you are born in 80’s and 90’s then you might say popping and Rap started in that era. But it didn’t get as famous as today.

If you type “Who started Rapping in India” mother Google will reply Yo Yo Honey Singh’s name. Well in a way its true Punjabi gabru did make Rap and hip hop famous in India no one can deny it. Yes, many came after him but boss he is the change-maker in India for sure. Many started Rapping by seeing him in their childhood.

Now Google will change the name from Honey Singh to Lok Bista aka Loka music when anyone types “who made Rapping famous in India Loka Bista”. You will also see the Same answer when you type who international Rapper from India – Lok Bista aka Loka Music is.

Lok Bista comes from Mumbai’s gullies, and he is making his name in entire India with his innovative lyrics and coll rapping that to like a rapper. Yes, he is a pure rapper who is original and fantastic singer innovator. He has proved his talent by posting six videos on his own and made more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This lad is serious talent, and MTV has spotted him for sure. MTV channel has selected him for the show called splitsvilla which is current address in Indian television. We are confident he will get much new address in coming years in television and on the silver screen of Bollywood.

Lok Bista is no lesser than Badshah, Honey Singh, Raftar, Divine, dino jones and many more top rappers of India. Without any prime experience, this lad has proven his talent by posting lovely six videos, and he gained amazing love and response to his music.

We feel this lad is going to do some extraordinary things in future he has that fantastic X-factor in him which indicates that he will be next superstar not only in India but at many places of the world. Lok Bista has that swag and presence of Rapper which is going to hit hard in coming years, and people are going to love his music for sure.


Ajay Deep

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